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Looking Back & Looking Ahead

2017 was a funny year. It started well, we had just moved into our dream home and started up a new life in a beautiful Norfolk village. The boys all settled well into their new schools and everything was just perfect.
Roll on a couple months down the line and Jon was down in London for a month learning about his new pain device that was going to be inserted into his back, yet another operation on his back! Whilst there he witness the Westminster attacks and hasn't really been the same since. One of his biggest fears unfolded right before his eyes and he couldn't do anything about it.
A few months later we suffered two miscarriages, one after the other. The final one having to be removed surgically.
After getting our heads around that Jon had a back spasm which ended up with him on the ground not being able to move, paramedics and the air ambulance all had to see to him and he ended up back in hospital for two weeks!
Even after all the heartaches and pain we managed to end the…

Festive Baking With Num Noms Series 4

The mini beasts were sent a festive baker parcel to keep us in the festive mood after Christmas. In our parcel we had a stocking filled with series 4 Num Noms and a jar filled with scrummy cookie ingredients.

We were making rainbow cookies with our Num Noms.

The cookie mixture took no time at all mixing together but waiting 40 minutes for the dough to set in the fridge was the hardest part for the boys. To keep them entertained we sat down and watching some classic Christmas TV. We go so engrossed in the programme that we forgot about the cookies, so the dough had a little longer than 40 minutes,

After we had scooped out our cookie balls we sat down to find out what was in the stocking. The twins picked first and then Ru had his turn.

The twins unboxed some new Num's which we'd never seen before, Lizzie Lasagna  Hearty Spaghetti & some glitter Noms Nana Swirl Razz Cookie.

Ru unboxed his first ever polish it Nom! Ru rather enjoys having his nails painted so was over the mo…

... Christmas Inspiration From Peppa Pig and Ru ...

Ru is still 100% Peppa Pig mad and was over the moon when this amazing bundle of gifts arrived just for him. I didn't tell him what was inside so his face was pretty priceless when he opened it up and saw everything for the first time!
I thought I would share with you incase you too had a Peppa Pig obsessed child and were struggling what to get for Christmas...

This George pig hat and mittens set is super cute and is nice and cosy, just perfect for those winter walks!
RRP £8.99 Available from VMC Accessories
I wasn't sure if Ru would like the Peppa Christmas jumper but as soon as he saw it, he wanted to put it on and has pretty much wanted to wear it every day since! RRP £13