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Why I've decided to become an Organ Donor!

I've decided that I wanted to become an organ donor. Why? Well I'm not going to need them once I'm gone and I could potentially save someone's life, be that my own family or a family in need. I'm not superwoman, I don't have superpowers but having the feeling that I may one day save a life makes me feel great. I know there is a big need for organ donors and I would hate it **touch wood** something happen to my boys and they end up needing a transplant and there not being one and the worst happen.  It's so easy to become a donor all you need to do is decided it's what you want, talk it through with your family and quite simply tick that little box.
I get it's not for everyone and completely understand why you would be against it. My mum wasn't too keen on the idea but she understood why.
When I die I want to be placed in a tree pod so I turn into tree .... ...check out the idea... I won't need organs when I'm a tree so to me it just makes …

Bambino Mio reusable swim nappies - Review one!

I was recently gifted two super cute reusable swim nappies from Bambino Mio In this review, I'll be showing off the Pirate Bay design.
I thought the best place to review this gorgeous print was at the seaside!!
My little pirate bum soaking up the view.
I love these swimming nappies just as much as I love bambino Mio all in one nappies! 

Now I'm able to take the boys to the local swimming pool and down to the beach i had been thinking it would make more sense and work out cheaper if I invested in some reusable swim nappies!

They're super soft to touch which means baby's bottom isn't going to get irritated or sore by rubbing.  They're  easy to get on and off, even when wet.  I have found with disposable ones it can be a bit tricky to get them off a grumpy wet baby and they always seem to leave red marks no matter if they're the right fit. Another plus is they take up next to no room at all in your beach/swimming bag! 

Ru was happy enough to be waddling around …

Buzz vs dandelion

Buzz lightyear joined me on a dog walk this week and found a big dandelion  Which took a lot of effort to blow 

Seaside living

On Tuesday we went to the beach twice. Living so close means we can, when we moved here we were going to the beach every day but then Jon re hurt his back and we kinda just stopped going.
Just because Jon isn't able to go doesn't mean I can't. So on Tuesday we went after swimming then again after the school run. The boys all tested out their new sea shoes that my friend Jenny bought them.

I really need to keep a beach bag in the car, with towels and spare clothes as when I said only get their feet wet, being boys they have selective hearing and went straight in. The Twins ended up going home naked!  This also isn't the first time this has happened. 

AA Skincare, Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing eye gel - Review

I was sent theSeaweed & Aloe refreshing eye gel to test out, from first looks upon opening the box I was smitten, It was nicely presented and the bottle is pleasing to the eye.
Not only does the eye gel leave you looking refreshed and soothed it also gently removes your eye make up. 
Directions of use Pump a small amount on to your fingers then apply to the skin. 
I used a cotton pad when taking off my eye make up. 
When removing my eye make up it only took one wipe and it was gone. Super effected and very gentle. It won't leave you with that tight feeling that other make up removers leave you with. 
I've also been using the eye gel in the morning before putting my make up on as an eye pick me up. Which has been working wonders.
It is scentless so you don't have to worry about being over powered by a perfumey product. 
I'm really pleased with the product and I'll be replacing it once it's run out.
All of AA Skincare products are suitable for sensitive skin..
A …

Noah's off on his first Beaver Scout Camp

On Saturday Noah is off on his first ever camping trip!!!
I'm worried, scared and excited for him all at the same time! 
I know he'll be fine and I know he'll have the best time ever.
A mothers job is to worry about every little thing!!! 
This will be the first time he'll be away from me where he's not with family or at his dad's.
They're all going to have the opportunity to go on a zip wire, try zorbing and run around on a big inflatable assault course. Saturday is a jam packed day of fun! Then before bed they're going to watch big hero six, which Noah is over the moon about. As he loves it. 
We have to drop him off at 9am on Saturday then not collect him till 1pm on Sunday. It's going to feel like the longest day and a half ever.
I'm pleased he'll be learning skills and will be making new friends. He's still really missing his friends from his old school, and he hasn't made that many at his new school, he does come home some days and says no …

My Captured Moment

Linking up with Running in Lavendertoday for My Captured Moment, which is back to when Rupert was born and my Gran had her first cuddle just minutes after he popped out 

Sleepy Mummy!

After a busy weekend in London at Britmums live then being forced to get up at 5am by my lovely Alex on Monday morning!!!!  By midmorning I was feeling rather sleepy.
Mummy Nap time was calling!
Whilst I was sleeping daddy and Oscar got up to mischief!!!

Go Eco Store, Recycled Glassware - Review

We are always trying to find unique items for our house, and I'm always trying to find ways that make me feel like I'm saving the planet.

Hannah and her one woman mission to save the world strikes again!
So if like me, you'll love they have an amazing recycled glasswaresection on their site were you can find bottle clocks to wine bottle deli dishes !
They also offer a funky range of bottle lights

I thought these looked great and picked the diet coke bottle!  Ever since I was young I was always like the glass coke bottles and I was always trying to get my mum to buy them - whenever the rare moment was that she bought coke, so that I could collect them. 
On the back of the bottle is a little dial that switches the lights on and off and when the batteries run out you can just simply unscrew the dial and change the battery.  No faffing!
Everyone who has seen the bottle thinks it's amazing and the twins are amazed every time the lights are on and…

My Sunday photo

My pair of twirly woos!
Meeting the Twirly Woos has earned me some major cool mum points with these two! 

Dermatique Recuperating Cream - Review

Noah is my main eczema sufferer, he takes after me. When I was younger I used to get it really bad all the time, now it's just occasional patches here and there. 
We have tried many steroid creams, lotions and potions and none really work, the itch stays and sometimes is even made worse by the creams he is using. The worst place Noah gets his eczema is on his right eye lid.  Lots of the creams we have tried aren't allowed to go near his eyes so usually we just lather on lotions or emollients and hope it keeps it at bay. We have to do this up to three times a day when it's really bad. 
When I heard of Dermatique recuperating cream I was more than happy to give it a go.  It sounded great, something we just had to try out! 
I used it every night on Noah after his bath, all over his body as he has very dry skin and then I'd use it on his face.  We did this every night for a week and the difference is absolutely Amazing!!!!
His skin is baby soft and it hasn't been soft fo…

Pair of Nutters

Just casually licking the windows!  Which in this house is completely normal! 

Stormy skies

I haven't been writing as many post recently because Jon has hurt his back and now is unable to do anything.
So I'm doing the job of both parents, house work, kids dinners, parent dinners - Jon doesn't like eating to early, dog walks and all the other bits in between. As well as making sure Jon is ok and is topped up with tea and coffee.
Most nights I'm not sitting down to relax till about half 9 and then I just want to crawl into bed. 
So I haven't really had the time to blog. Im just completely drained.
I'm really looking forward to Britmums Live just to get away and have a break - that probably sounds bad but it does get rather full on at home. 
All the stress has brought on spots!  Don't you just hate spots?!?!?! They always pop up at the wrong times. I'm a spotty mess, I'm hoping they are gone by Friday. I've got some lovely cream that I'm reviewing and I popped some on last night and it has taken the hardsh redness away!! 
Stick with me, I haven&#…

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

This Saturday saw my beloved cat Indie have her babies.She wanted me near at all times. She was there when I had Rupert, so I've re paid the favour 

I'm a cat granny!

My little indie pop went into labour yesterday and being the odd bod she is, she wanted to be right next to me even if that meant in with the chaotic mad ones who for some reason we're extra mad.  In the end to stop her getting her and far too stressed out I placed her in my ensuit, with her blankets and her box that I made up a few weeks before! 
I managed to be there for all three births! My little trooper did so well, she was a bit confused as to what to do with them after she'd cleaned them up and eaten the placentas. The last one born had been left and was rather cold so I made sure he/she was placed next to indie first then the others.
After a little while it clicked and she relaxed. 
This morning when I return, they were all cuddled up and calm, indie had eaten her dinner and was looking back to normal. 

My neighbours brought round fresh salmon trimmings for her breakfast, which she munched up straight away!
Indie and babies are super :)