Tuesday 9 June 2015

Snoring relief with Snoreeze - Review

Jon is probably the worlds worst snorer!
If I don't fall asleep before him I'll be up most the night trying to drown out his noise!

In the old house he actually used to wake up the twins with his snorning!

He is that loud.

We've tried the nose strips which are meant to help but they were useless, he's tried sleeping on different sides, I've tried the punching him on the arm, pinching his nose and just getting angry ..... None have worked! 

Then when I saw the ad for reviewing a Snoreeze product I excitedly filled in the contact form and kept my fingers crossed. My luck was in and they got in contact.
 They asked me some questions about Jon and his snoring habits and then said what they thought was best to try out.

Jon was sent the  nasal spray and the throat spray  
He wasn't so sure it was going to work as other products had failed! I wasn't sure either but I had my fingers crossed! 

He sprayed away with both and fell fast asleep ..... Leaving me awake .... Only to drift off to sleep minutes later to the sound of silence!

The sprays worked and Jon has continued to use them every night since!
We're very pleased with them, I'm sleeping better, Jon's sleeping better, I'm still not overly keen to jump out the bed the next morning but I've never been a morning person!

Snoreeze are the only brand on the market with a range of products to suit every type of snorer!

All the products are made with natural ingredients. 

At  Snoreeze you can "diagnose your snoring" ...
and see what product will suit you best in your own battle against the snore! 

Thank you Snoreeze, you are a miracle in a spray bottle! 

Why not head over to their website! 
If you or your partner snore why not try to diagnose your snoring ... 
http://www.snoreeze.com/diagnose-your-snoring/ and see if any of the Snoreeze products work for you.

**we were sent the products for free in return for an honest review.... All thoughts are our own** 

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