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My First With Petits Filous || My First Camping Trip

“This post is an entry for BritMums #PetitsFilousFirsts Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous"

Ru bear went on his first ever camping trip!! 
We took along a pack of delicious 'My First Petits Filous' as we knew if he didn't eat the food we cooked he would happily eat his fromage frais.
Ru is a very picky eater and only really likes a small range of foods, fromage frais being one of them!

Ru loved being out in the woods for the whole weekend, he was so active we thought it would trigger him to eat more, but nope he stuck to his two favourite things.
Pasta and plenty of Petits Filous, we took 12 pots with us and he'd gobbled them all up by the time we left on the Sunday.
He went to forest school on the Saturday and went on plenty of nature walks through the woodlands. His new favourite makaton sign is now 'trees'.
He keeps using the sign now we're back at home. He would obviously much rather be back exploring the forest than b…

#Feastinthewoods || Wild Camping

Over the bank holiday weekend we went along to do some wild camping with Feast In The Woods.
The feast was held in a secret location somewhere in Kent.
For a first camping trip with 4 boys it may have seemed a little crazy to go somewhere, where there was no running water and no electricity but there's no adventure in playing it too safe. Plus the whole idea was to get away from all our gadgets and gizmos and just enjoy time as a family. Not being able to wash wasn't an issue, the boys were quite happy in their own smells.

We arrived just after 4 on the Friday evening. We got first pick of the bell tents and decided to head for the one at the back in the corner, just incase the boys decided to do some midnight crying, we'd be out the way and wouldn't disturb people. Also having the beds on the floor looked more than ideal, no child could possibly fall off one of those in the middle of the night!

The boys were all excited about being in the woods and were desperate t…

Places To Visit In Kent || Leeds Castle

If you're looking for places to visit this half term I highly recommend Leeds Castle!

Last weekend we decided to have a day trip to Leeds Castle, Noah has been before on a school trip but for the rest if us it was a brand new experience.
It only took us 20 minutes to get there, which shocked Jon as he thought he'd be driving for ages.
We were greeted by this beautiful peacock, who was more than happy to pose for a photo and shake his tail feathers at me. 

We decided to walk to the castle rather than take the "train" we thought that would come in handy when the kids were all tired out and their legs no longer work.
The gardens were absolutely beautiful, all the boys walked nicely along and stopped every so often to take it all in.
It was so peaceful, you could really spend the whole day just taking in the beauty.

The gardens were full ducks, geese, swans. All very friendly - all wanting food we didn't have.
Noah made friends with some ducks and I got extremely br…


On Friday me the gang and the dog will be off to a secret location somewhere in Kent to go Wild Camping.
For a first ever camping trip for the boys this may be a little extreme, but hey where's the adventure in playing it safe!?!?

We've rented a bell tent, which is meant to sleep 4 but we'll squeeze in. The twins like to share, I'll co-sleep with Ru and Jon and Noah can have their own beds. 
Seeing as we've never been camping as a family before we've had to buy some camping supplies; Sleeping bags, Camping chairs, Foldable water containers, Camping cutlery & plates etc Torches, A cool bag.
Things we still need to get are an endless supply of food - the boys are always hungry. I'm planning to take some individual formula milk bottles (the toddler stuff) for Ru as I'm not sure how nice proper milk will stay. He has a bottle before bed every night, so just in case he wants that comfort I want to be able to give it to him.  I am hoping he'll runs…

A Mini Lush Haul

Lush is one of my favourite shops.
It has been a love that has been pasted down to me. My mum would always go into the Covent Garden shop when I was little. I loved how small and pokey it was but there was just so much to look at.
Being treated to my very own bath bomb was always exciting.
Now its become a bit of an obsession. I can't walk past a Lush store without going in, or if I know there's a store around ill make sure I sniff it out.

Here is what was inside the bag;
A firm favourite of the boys Ickle Baby Bot. If they see a Lush bag sitting on the kitchen table they always ask, "If the blue robot" is inside.

Damaged - Hot Oil Treatment. In the hope it will do something to my poor abused hair.

Something new - Lava Lamp. I used this last night and oh its amazing. The smell was lovely and fresh.

Something for Father's Day - SuperDad Bath Bomb. Jon always moans I never buy him anything from Lush, so I am trying my hardest to make sure I treat him to Lush lovel…

Alex and Oscar's Birthday Wish List

The wildlings are turning 4!!!!

How my tiny babies are now just around the corner from starting school and being "big boys" makes me a little sad!! 
The boys are superhero crazy and whenever possible they will be inside one of their dressing up costumes.
They regularly go off to nursery dressed up in superhero costumes.
So as you'll see this wish list is very much superhero based.

The twins will be happy with whatever they get, they're pretty easy to please.
One of the main things they keep asking for is a talking Batman mask, which my mum happily decided that's what she'd get them.

Jon and I are going to get them a little tablet each, as we only have one iPad and the arguments it causes is just ridiculous.
They did have leap-Pads but they aren't as easy to watch as a tablet.