Friday 6 May 2016

Pork Farm Board Games Championships || Blogger Event

Last Friday I went off to Petts Wood with my lovely friend Serena to attend the Pork Farm board games championships.

It was being held in a Micro Pub called One Inn The Wood, I've never been in a Mircopub so I wasn't sure what they were all about, but stepping inside and feeling the welcoming atmosphere, its a place I would return too.

The bar stools were barrels and you could see right into their temperature controlled cellar room from the wooden bar counter.

One Inn The Wood was one of winners from the semi finials.

'They are a small freehouse micropub in Petts Wood serving locally produced real ales, Kent Chapel Down wine, Kent Dudda Tun cider and an array of Fentimans soft drinks and local pear and apple juice.'

We were greeted and introduced to the other bloggers and shown to the game which we would start the day off with.

Trivial Pursuit has never been a game I've favoured, usually because I always loose.
Luckily it wasn't just me who felt that way about the game.

We cracked on and laughed away at the questions none of us could answer.... there was A LOT!
Even with questions like - how many letters can you use in a tweet. I only knew because I was asking and saw the answer.
Do you know, with out looking at twitter how many letters you can use?!?!

After 60 minutes of playing, we were still no where near finishing. Both myself and Amanda came joint first, with our two pieced of the pie.

After we totted up our scores we went for a walk to get some fresh air, to ready ourselves for the next game.

Whilst we were hard at play there was a yummy buffet of scrumptious Pork Farm pork pies on offer to keep our hunger at bay.

I lost count on how many I munched my way through.

Then came the CHEEEESE!
Pork Pies, Wine and Cheese..... Pure Heaven!!!

our score sheets

Our second big game was Monopoly, a game I don't mind playing if Jon isn't involved.
I'm sure he always cheats.

We all had fun playing this, The only one of us who really had a tatic was Claire and because of that, she won hands down!!!

The next few games were;
Jenga - Serena failed to mention that she is Queen of the the Jenga tower and that there was no chance of any of us winning with her around.
Guess Who and Connect Four, both of which are childhood favourites and always sure to bring a smile to your face.

I actually won at Guess Who - Go me, I was starting to worry I was a complete board games failure!

I had a really fantastic time, and loved meeting The Pork Farm family and the other bloggers/vloggers.

It made me feel that I should make the time to sit down with my family and play more together rather than them all playing on the damn IPads/Xboxes/PS4 or whatever technology their faces are stuck into.

Well done to the overall winner of the day, Claire who went home with the biggest pork pie I have ever seen!!


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