Monday 9 May 2016

What We Got Up To Over The Weekend

On Saturday it was my dad's 56th birthday and to celebrate he was hosting the family's first BBQ of the year.

So off we went to sunny old Surrey. 

My mum and dad had gone all out on the entertainment for the kids; being grandparents really suits them.

Funky bubbles, 

Sunflower seeds for a sunflower race,

Swing ball (totally unfair as they never bought that for me and Dan when we were younger) 

And a funky Kilner jar with a tap, so the kids could all help themselves to juice. 

Mum got the kids to all plant up their seeds before everyone else came round. 
The kids really enjoyed getting dirty.
Ru was in his element. 

They each planted on and then placed a stick with their names on, so every time we go back to Mimi's and Mergie's house we can see whose plant is winning the race.

Mum put on a lovely spread and dad cooked up some yummy food, once everyone else had left Isla and Noah got busy making up scenes for a puppet show - This one was about Mario, Batman and an Elephant named stumpy.
Half way through they got up and did a few dance moves to keep us entertained during the interval.

On Sunday, we stayed home and soaked up the sun in the garden.
I managed to get 4, yes 4 loads of washing done and I used up our rather ripe bananas by making some muffins and a banana loaf.

Instead of using sugar I used powdered sweetener and they came out better than I thought they would.

Ru decided it was much too hot to be wearing clothes, so danced around in his birthday suit, with his ever so faithful spotty bag.

What did you guys get up too?

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