Tuesday 10 May 2016

Baby Product Review || Japanese Nappies - Moony

Recently we were asked to try out some Japanese nappies.

It had never really occurred to me, to try out another countries nappies. I jumped at the chance. 
Being Japanese I automatically thought they would be the bees knees.

I have a long standing love affair with Japan, that has been going on since my teens, only to have been set in stone when I went over their for my 21st birthday.

We were sent a pack of the Moony style nappies. Which has 54 nappies inside.
You can buy them from Amazon for £27.99, thought at the moment they are going for £17.69

I loved the look and feel of the nappies straight away.
They didn't have a plastic feel to them, like some nappies we've tried before and Noah even said they smelt nice ...... Don't ask, they smelt like nappies to me.

There was three different designs on them, all Winnie the Pooh themed, which was great for Ru as he has just currently started to enjoy the Pooh films.

Recently he's picked out some Pooh and Piglet Tsum Tsum teddies (another Japanese product, maybe he's jumped on board my Japanese love train.) on one of our shopping trips.

The nappies have a wetness indicator on, so you know when its time to change the nappy.

Ru didn't experience any sort of nappy rash when using the Moony nappies, sometimes when we change he will get a slight redness and some even leave red marks around his legs.
Moony did none of that.

A couple of times he woke up during the night wet, but on those occasions it had been when he had, had double bottles at bedtime.

If I was to buy them again myself I probably wouldn't use them at bedtime, I'd just stick with them during the day.

What the Website says;

Unique components. The diapers are thin, light, hypo allergic with great breathing ability.
It means that the botty of your baby always will be dry and he will not suffer from diaper rash and irritation.
Japanese diapers are the best choice for sleeping, long hikes and trips.
  • Fullness indicator. Japanese diapers are equipped with fullness indicator, it shows when the diaper is full and it should be changed.

  • Anatomic shape. Babies can move freely wearing Japanese diapers, because the diapers ideally fit baby’s body. A special soft elastic band on the waits area prevents leakage and slip. It is so important for a little person who just starts exploring the world around.

  • Pants diapers are divided for boys and girls. Some models of Japanese diapers are modified according to sex of the baby.

  • Longstanding experience of Japanese producers. It is a guarantee of the diapers’ quality, baby’s health and mother’s peace

Would you think about trying nappies from Japan? 


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