Friday 13 May 2016

Messy Play

Today I took Rupert to his first ever toddler group.
I've been putting it off for far too long!

I worried he would play up or end up hurting another child.
Ru can be a right terror and is known to bite, scratch, pinch, run head first into his brothers for no other reason than them only trying to play along with him.
So the thought of him doing that to another child, strikes fear right through me.

Whilst flicking through Facebook at the start of the week, I saw a sponsored ad pop up for a new local messy play.
I clicked on the link and it turned out it was only a two minute walk from the house.

I decide to bite the bullet and put our names down on the list and agree to pay £5 for entry.

As today drew nearer and nearer I kept thinking up excuses about why we didn't actually need to go and that he'd probably hate every second of it.
Over thinking all the wrong kind of scenario and making myself dread it more.

Turns out I was wrong!!
He actually really enjoyed himself and made no attempt to mane another child!

It was in a lovely big room, so it wasn't over crowded and Ru could happily wander around from tray to tray.

Even though he was enjoying himself, he went into his new "quiet mode".
He's been doing this quite a lot recently specially when we are out and about.
At home he's as noisy as can be.

Ru's favourite trays were the rainbow rice and water tray. I'm sure you all know Ru loves a puddle so it was no surprise he took to the water play right away.
He loved pouring the rice in and out of the tubs and watching it fall.

Ru wasn't too keen on the trays that would get him properly messy - such as the yogurt paint and shaving foam. He did his upmost to keep away from them, no matter how hard I tried to get him to have a go.
He did eventually go and play in the spaghetti tray, he'd spotted the dinosaurs lurking underneath the pasta, he decided that dinosaurs really like spaghetti and started shoving the pasta down the poor toys throat.

Nicely does it Ru!!!

I'm so happy I took him along he really enjoyed himself and it was lovely to see him having fun with out the interruption of a massive hissy fit or his typical head banging.

I signed up for the summer class and I'm looking forward to taking him back.

I don't think I'll be taking him along to any "normal" toddler groups just yet, as I don't really think they will work for him.

The thought of proper toddler groups just stresses me out!

The health visitor has suggested a parenting class, so I guess that will be as close as we come to a Surestart toddler group!!

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