About Hannah and her Mini Beasts!

Hi there,

I'm Hannah 31 year old mum to four very lively and very wild boys -

Noah - 9yrs old (18.12.07) is madly into WWE, enjoys playing Minecraft on his PS4 and loves building Lego.
He enjoys reading and is amazingly good at drawing.

He loves his PS4 and would think the world ended if it were to break.
Noah was born at home and delivered by my mum, who is the home birth lead for Sutton and Epsom.

My identical Twins Alex and Oscar 5 (8.6.12) are my wildlings, they are complete nutcases and find farts and poo's extremely funny.
They often gang up on me and use their twin mind skills against me.

There main loves are Power Rangers, TMNT, SuperHero crazy.
They love dressing up and will often come down from their room as one of their favourite Heroes.
They have just started to get into Lego and enjoy trying to help build new sets with me and their daddy.
They are very much outdoorsy boys and would take running around in the open to being stuck at home.
They are survivors of twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)
 they were born at 33 weeks and spent 2 weeks in ICU.

Then there's little Ru bear - 3 (25.4.14)
He loves Peppa Pig, Cars (mainly Lightning McQueen)
He likes to push my boundaries and usually gets away with murder, all he has to do is flash his cheeky grin at me and I melt.
He was also born at home with the help of my mum.

After both the twins and Ru I "ate my placenta"
I did the placenta smoothie and had the capsules.
I swear by them and would do it all again if I was to have another baby.

I have moebius syndrome which is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side.
I lack facial expressions which does make it difficult for people to see what I'm feeling.

For people who have been around me long enough do say they don't even notice it, but for new people I'm sure it must be quite strange.
I do get stared at a bit when I'm out which used to get me down, but since having the boys I have less time to notice what others are doing as I'm so busy keeping my eyes on them.
I try not to let it get in the way and I'm as friendly as I can be.

I was also bullied a lot at school, but I think I've only become a stronger person for it.
The boys don't see me as someone whose different, they just see me for me.

We moved to Norfolk December 2016.

We have a Pointer X named Ray, who we rescued him from a Cyprus rescue centre.
We also have a little black and white cat named Indie, and a rabbit named Bella.

We love finding family friendly places to visit,
such as farms,
National trust places,
exploring the woods,
making Dens,
muddy puddle jumping,
walks along the beach,
snuggling up on the sofa to watch a new film or read a new book.
...you name it we love it.

This blog is about our daily life and adventures as a family of 6


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