Monday 31 August 2015

Goodbye August

August, strangely has been a ridiculously busy month.
My blogging has taken a back seat whilst we have been enjoying family activities.

We've been to the beach lots, we even flew a kite along the beach front on Saturday which the twins absolutely loved!
We have been swimming,
The twins had an exciting trip to London,
Lots of friends have come over to see the house and have a day out with us, 
We've had lots of trips to see the grandparents.

September will see Noah starting Year 3!!! 
He is going up a whole key stage and its blowing my mind that he is no longer my little baby boy, he's becoming far too independent for my liking, I miss the days of co sleeping with my little NoNo and having him cling on to my like a little monkey who never wanted to stray to far from the nest! 

The twins will be at Nursery full time come Thursday.
The house will be eerily calm while the wildlings cause havoc elsewhere and I'll have no idea what to do with myself and Rupert! 

The blog also has lots coming up 
Lots of book reviews - from Noah, myself and the Twins. 
Woman's health post
Baby vs sleep - my top tips for a good nights sleep
Back to school - prepare tips
Weekend box club review 
Baking with me
Also I'll be sharing my meal planning with you. 

Thursday 27 August 2015

A trip to the Dentist with Monkey Wellbeing •Review•

A trip to the dentist can be very stressful, especially for children who have never been.

I have been pretty pants and have never taken the twins to the dentist ..... Until yesterday! 

I had been preparing the boys with Monkey, and explaining what the dentist would do and what the room would look like. 

The Monkey Wellbeing  kit comes with reward stickers, a good cleaning chart, a magazine which you can read with your children to help them understand what is going to happen!

It also comes with a funky toothbrush, a timer and my childhood nightmare discolouring tablets - which show you where you haven't been cleaning! 
My mother used to make me and my brother do this monthly and we hated it! As it did its trick and showed us we had been lazy and our teeth were dirty! 

I made Noah use the tablets as sometimes he just "forgets" to brush his teeth even after I've told him too. 
He was pretty amazed at the colour his teeth went and then spent about 5 minutes returning them to being white!

The boys were very excited about a trip to the dentist with Monkey!
They both held his hands and pretty much skipped into the dentist waiting room. 

It was all fun and games until we were called in! 
The twins freaked out!
Oscar wouldn't even go in the room and Alex went in but screamed until he was let back out. 
Rupert and Noah were great and had a check up with no fuss!

I didn't think the dentist wasn't very child aware, she just expected them to sit there and do as she wanted.
Even when it came to Rupert I was the one having to open his mouth up.

With more help from with Monkey and more trips to the dentist I think the twins will eventually be fine with dentist trips! 

Monkey can also help prepare your little one for starting school!! 

You can see all of the Monkey books over on 

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Pirate ship park fun with Imune Nurture •Review•

When going out to the park, I'm a bit rubbish and always end up forgetting to pack drinks - which pretty much always ends up with me buying over priced sugary drinks when we are out just to quench their thirst after a manic play at the park. 

Imune Nuture drinks come in a super handy aseptic pouch that can easily fit into any backpack or changing bag with out taking up too much space! Being  spill proof means they won't leak all over your other items! 

Imune Nuture drinks come in delicious  taste that kids love - strawberry/cherry & orange/pineapple

Imune Nuture drinks are 100% natural, no added sugar or sweeteners
Scientifically proven to effectively support healthy immunity! 

The Convenient spill proof, aseptic pouch is the 1st in the UK!

The boys had a little difficultly with the spout, but once they figured they had to push it in to get the juice out they downed the pouch in no time! 

I really hate fuelling the boys up with sugary things, as the sugar crash is just unbearable. 
So having these handy drinks which are 100% sugar free are brilliant for the wildlings and with the added bonus of supporting their immune system is really great! 

They see a fun tasty drink,
I see a very healthy drink.
Everyone's a winner *thumbs up*

The boys all loved the drinks and have asked me to buy more. 

You can buy Imune Nuture drinks at the following shops--
Ocado £1.99 for a pack of 4
Tesco's extra and Holland and Barrett. The drinks are currently in the penny sale, so if you buy one, you get another one for a penny!!!

Saturday 22 August 2015

A look back #5

Hello and welcome back to my weekly post.

This week has been pretty quiet, mainly staying close to home with some beach visits and finding new parks.

Penny also went off to a lovely new home on Wednesday and has been renamed Cookie. 

My crazy cat lady title has now been revoked:( 

Indie went to the vets yesterday to have her final check up and have her 'cone of shame' removed. 
She's now able to go back out on cat adventures, without getting knocked up!! 
12 weeks in doors she has been rather desperate to get out in the last couple of weeks and has tried a few escapes! 

If you follow me over on Instagram you'll have noticed I now own a pair of clogs!!!
<3 <3 <3
Thank you Birkenstock for making awesome shoes!!
Happy feet look like this ^^^

Ru has started to dress up, which I think is another way of him trying to get the twins to let him into their gang ..... 
It's not going well! 
Poor little guy.

Maybe one day they will accept him.

Noah has been drawing lots, he's becoming very artistic.
He also has a stack of books that he's working his way through - reviews to come! 

The twins have started to really enjoy doing puzzles, so this week I'll be on the hunt for new ones as most of ours have either been chewed by the wretched dog or have pieces missing. 

What have you been up to this week?

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Friday 21 August 2015

Where the magic happens......

My Desk,
My very own space in the house,
Where I can escape too and know no one will bug me.

We have 3 floors in our house and right at the top is our master bedroom a landing and then Ru's room, so on the landing I've created a little office spot!

Using your lap as a desk can grow tiresome and taking over the kitchen table just gets in the way of everybody else and you can never really just "be".

This Ladder desk was half price from Argos and fits just perfectly on the landing between the two rooms, and the white colour is just plain and simple, perfect for me to add my own little touches.

On my desk part is obviously my laptop, then a pot of pens that I use in my planner and for note taking, then there is my beloved planner and a note book that I'm currently using.

We then go up to the two shelves, one has some books, more notepads, two boxes of goodies - stickers and washi tape, which I use mainly when decorating my planner. Then a pot of colouring pens and a box of journaling cards.

Then on the very top shelf are my cameras -
my gorgeous Nikon that I don't use as often as I should!
A super old Kodak that I bought myself when I received some inheritance money from my uncle, even though I don't use it I could never part with it as it will always remind me of him.
Then my Samsung video recorder/camera, something my parents bought me for Christmas to film the boys with but its just sat in the box until now. I'm planning on using it more as its a great bit of kit.
Also I would like to start videoing for my blog!
I also have my adult colouring books that I do when I'm feeling a bit too stressed out!

On the wall I have these fab print outs that I found on Etsy. The frames are from B&M bargains and were £2.99 for three!!

I'm still adding personal touches here and there, to make this a fun and funky place to work, which hopefully encourage me to write up some fun and funky posts.

Hopefully this hasn't been too boring and that you actually enjoyed having a little peak into my personal space!

Do you have an office?
How do you put your personal touch on it?

Etsy shop -- spellandtell

Argos no longer stock my desk but you can find Ladder desks over on Amazon

Thursday 20 August 2015

Surprise Park.

Jon and Noah have gone to stay over at Jon's parents house and left me and the littles at home.

We had a nice day chilling indoors doing drawings and watching films, but before dinner I decided to go for a walk as I wanted them to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. 
Our garden is out of action at the moment as Jon is getting a new shed and there is just stuff everywhere. 

So off we went on a little adventure, Ru strapped to my front and a twin hand in each of my hands! 

Behind some houses and by a stretch of grassland we found a hidden gem!

A really cool park!!!!

The fresh air did us all the world of good.
We got home and everyone gobbled down their dinner and went to bed with out an issue! 

We've been here since March and have only discovered this park .... Which is only two minutes from the house.

It just shows me I really need to ditch the car and just wonder around more. 

Life Unexpected

Kid Proof iPad cover - The Active Urban tablet case from CAT •review•

The Active Urban tablet case from CAT phones is designed to provide extra protection against falls, bumps and drops. 
Perfect if you have buttery fingers or a herd of children who play with the iPad and there selective hearing blocks out you telling them to be careful with it! 

I love the sleekness of the cover and since swapping from our old cover to this one, I've used the iPad a lot more than I used to. 
Our old one was far to bulky for me and i never felt comfortable using it. 

We all love the baby blue colour, and have all really enjoyed using the IPad since upgrading the cover. 

I probably drop things more than the boys and I feel safe knowing that if I do it will be protected! 

The case has been made using anodised metal sides and impact SAIF material which offers robust protection for your tablet. 
*SAIF is an active material, offering a step change in shock absorption and impact protection performance. 

As well as doing IPad covers they also stock a range of iPhone cases, some Samsung cases and of course the CAT phone! 

Durability is at the heart of every Cat® product, whether it be a multi-terrain loader or a pair of workboots. Cat phones are no exception.

The cases may be a little more than you would pay for a cheapie off Amazon, but it costs a hell of a lot less than a brand new iPad!
So if you look at it that way, it really isn't such a bad price! 

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Don't you just love winning!!!

Hannah over at Zombiiemummy  hosted a competition to win a Papustories outfit.
One girl outfit and one boy outfit! 

I love finding new clothing brands especially ones you won't find on the high street, but having four boys and not being a millionaire (something I'm working on lol)  I can't always afford to buy them all fantastic outfits from these fantastic brands (sad face) 
So when I see a competition to win a lovely outfit I'll jump at the chance and of course I'm never that successful, but this  time I was!


A baggy tee and baggy joggers! Just perfect for lazy Sunday's and nursery days. 
Joggers are great at the moment as they are easy for the boys to slide off and on when having a trip to the loo. 

Oscar was very pleased with his winnings and hasn't yet let Alex have a go!!

Poor Alex lol. 

Thank you Hannah for hosting such a fab giveaway!

If you haven't already you should go and check her blog out 

Lemongrass & Lavender NATURAL DEODORANT -- Review

My second item from the AA Skincare range - Lemongrass and Lavender deodorant. 

I have always been a spray deodorant kinda girl as I've always found roll on's to be a bit too "sticky" for my liking, also I've never really found one that I really liked. 

After reviewing The seaweed and aloe refreshing eye gel I was asked to review one of their natural deodorants, I had to pick from a choice of three... 
Bergamot & Aloe
Grapefruit & Cedarwood 
Lemongrass & Lavender 
Being a big Lavender fan I went with  Lemongrass and Lavender 
They are very reasonable price at £4.94 and at the moment the Lemongrass and Lavender is £3.96
I tried out this product for twos weeks and I'm rather pleased with it.
It did  leave me with a slight "sticky" feel after applying but that faded quickly as soon as it had dried, so by the time my make up was applied my underarms were ready to rock and roll!! 
The smell was lovely and it kept me feeling fresh all day. Exactly what it said on the tin .... Or bottle in this case! 

Did you know....
Many mass produced antiperspirants contain aluminium salts, alcohol and parfum which can be irritating to the skin and clog pores. This can stop your skin from being able to breath and can cause many problems including skin infections and unsightly boils or spots.

To find out more about the AA skincare range take a visit to their website.