Thursday 20 August 2015

Surprise Park.

Jon and Noah have gone to stay over at Jon's parents house and left me and the littles at home.

We had a nice day chilling indoors doing drawings and watching films, but before dinner I decided to go for a walk as I wanted them to get some fresh air and stretch their legs. 
Our garden is out of action at the moment as Jon is getting a new shed and there is just stuff everywhere. 

So off we went on a little adventure, Ru strapped to my front and a twin hand in each of my hands! 

Behind some houses and by a stretch of grassland we found a hidden gem!

A really cool park!!!!

The fresh air did us all the world of good.
We got home and everyone gobbled down their dinner and went to bed with out an issue! 

We've been here since March and have only discovered this park .... Which is only two minutes from the house.

It just shows me I really need to ditch the car and just wonder around more. 

Life Unexpected

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