Monday 10 August 2015

Noah's Room!

My plans for Noah's room have been kick started by having enough of his mess. His room was on the list, but since the holidays have begun and he's in there more and wrecking twins have been playing with him it has turned into a complete disaster.

As you can see for yourself in the picture above. 

Before I go buying bits and bobs to make his room look fantastic, I really needed to get in there and have a good sort out and tidy up!

This morning I went up armed with bin bags and antibac wipes and set to work.

Two hours later you can actually see the floor! 

The rubbish!

The bed end (bed is not made properly made as some was still in the wash)


Now that it's back in order and all his bits and bobs are unpacked it's going to be much easier to plan.

He really wants a desk, somewhere he can do all his plotting to take over the world and his superhero drawings! 

We've said if he's able to keep his room tidy and put things back once he's finished with them we will buy him a new bed.

This one from IKEA fits the bill nicely 

It has the desk that he's desperate for, a wardrobe and shelves.....All the storage that his room is lacking at the moment!

My dream bedroom for Noah.
I would convert the loft into Noah's room / play den for all the boys. 
I would get plenty of skylights so that the room was nice, bright and airy. 
Skylights are a great way of achieving that, VELUX have such a lovely range of skylights and roof windows that I'd be spoilt for choice!
They do special blinds to fit their windows which would be perfect and would mean no faffing around trying to find ones that fit and do the job you want. They have special black out duo blinds that really apeal to me, as none of the boys sleep well if the room is not dark enough!
With VELUX being a well known brand I would trust them to do a great job and I know they'd be reliable.
 When it comes to having big home improvements done it's better to go with the professionals! 

I would do a feature wall with super hero wallpaper. Boys never really grow out of superheroes!

I would section of one part of the loft and make it into a living / den area, with a comfy sofa bed, storage for toys, DVDs and games. 
Make it into a place that could really grow as the boys grow. 
So that it would always suit their needs.

What would your child's dream room be? 

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