Tuesday 18 August 2015

Don't you just love winning!!!

Hannah over at Zombiiemummy  hosted a competition to win a Papustories outfit.
One girl outfit and one boy outfit! 

I love finding new clothing brands especially ones you won't find on the high street, but having four boys and not being a millionaire (something I'm working on lol)  I can't always afford to buy them all fantastic outfits from these fantastic brands (sad face) 
So when I see a competition to win a lovely outfit I'll jump at the chance and of course I'm never that successful, but this  time I was!


A baggy tee and baggy joggers! Just perfect for lazy Sunday's and nursery days. 
Joggers are great at the moment as they are easy for the boys to slide off and on when having a trip to the loo. 

Oscar was very pleased with his winnings and hasn't yet let Alex have a go!!

Poor Alex lol. 

Thank you Hannah for hosting such a fab giveaway!

If you haven't already you should go and check her blog out 

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