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My Sunday photo #8

So once the boys had finished playing in the snow yesterday morning Jon decided to make them a castle!
We all spent the rest of the day playing in this castle having a whale of a time!
When you use your imagination the possibilities are endless! 

My photos are about to get a 1000x better

So my darling boyfriend has seen I have a passion and has gone out his way to try and further my passion ...... 

I'm so excited I can hardly wait to get snapping!
It feels like Christmas :)
I got a camera and the twins got a new box to play in 

Snow morning

This morning we woke up to a lovely winter wonder land

It snowed a little on Thursday evening and that was the first time the Twins had really seen snow so after dinner I let them  have a run around in it.

This morning though, there was much more and daddy was home to go out and play. They attempted to make a snow man but Noah decided it would be funny to jump on it!

They all had fun throwing snowballs at each other and at the playroom window which was where I was sat!

Little Ru bear was watching in wonder and im sure wishing he was able to be out there with them 

They lasted about half an hour outside then they all started to moan they were far too cold 

What did you get up to in the snow? Or have you not had any yet? 

Wicked Wednesday #7

So Alex is really going with this horrible two stage. Last Friday he pretty much spent it screaming about anything and everything.
Children are such fun :/

What the monsters have been up too

So we still haven't moved into the new house :( 
Living in limbo isn't great but it's bearable.
After our big ikea order we still found ourselves going back on Saturday to get some more bits and bobs to add to our mountain goodies that is taking over ken and Helens dining room!

Noah made a special Burns night Pudding -  cranachan as part of his follow a recipe homework!

He was very pleased with himself. 
He's doing really well with his reading and even earned himself two house points for doing lots of reading during last week. We have started reading Roald Dahls 'The Twits'

Noah is loving it and wants to finish it so we can move onto George's marvellous medicine!

The twins are missing nursery a lot, so I'm taking them to soft play twice a week to keep them busy and to just get them out of the house. It usually is lovely and we spend about 2 - 3 hours there, I usually treat them to lunch. Today wasn't so great. The boys got pushed, pinched and kicked whilst t…


For those of you who love a wooly jumper is the site for you,
They have an extensive range of jumpers from cashmere to British wool, Merino to silk and cotton.
They have over 1.144.035 customers worldwide so they must be doing something right!!!  
At the moment they currently have up to 50% off all your favourite styles.

There is something for everyone, jumpers, cardigans, sleeveless, tops and shirts!!
I am a big cardigan fan and have many from long ones to short ones, the one that tend to last our my black cardigans as they always go with anything and always look great.
Over at Woolovers they have an amazing choice of black cardigans
If you end up buying from them, you will get a unique referral link which will give a friend 10% off their first purchase and in return if they use the link you will get 5% of your friends purchase as a cash reward!!
A good sign of a great customer care is a 24/7 care service and yes you guessed it over at woolovers that is what they …

My Sunday photo #8 alex

On the rare occasion both Oscar and rupert were asleep I had the pleasure of  Alex entertaining me

Home made sweet and sour pork with jacket potatoes!

Trying to spice up the boys dinners so they have something new every week So this week is sweet and sour pork.
What you need to make the sauce is 
2tbs of oil 2tbs of viniger  1/4 cup tomato ketchup  1/4 cup of sugar 1 cup of water 
Bring to the boil and then pour over the browned pork (medallions work best) Then let it simmer for ten to fifteen minutes and boom there you have it.
Not the healthiest dinner to have but once in a while it won't hurt.
The boys all finished their meals and gave it a thumbs up. 

Wicked Wednesday #6

My wicked Wednesday picture is of my ikea delivery!! It's a good job I'm not too bad when it comes to flat packs!! 

Coming out of my depression one step at a time....

Before I had any children I worked up at Canary Wharf as a security assistance in Barclays capital!
I used to dress smart and snazzy and always made sure I looked nice. I moisturised every day, I used night and day cream on my face, shaved regularly, did all the girlie things girls do! 
Once I became pregnant I just became a bit lost. After I had Noah I did buy some new things and tried to get back to the old me and I thought I had but when I look back I didn't really.  I've been wearing the same holey tops, jeans that are meant to be skinny but they have started turn into baggy jeans. I only got worse with the more children i had, specially since being with Jon I pretty much completely stopped caring. This is when I think all my problems started!  I've been walking around thinking yes I'm not as polished and lovely as you but I don't care at least my children at smart.
The more I thought about it, the more I realised I wasn't ok with it and I gave up in a way a…

My sunday photo #7

Little Ru bear and cowboy Oscar looking out of nana and gramps windows watching the rain.

Jellycat's Ollie the owl is on a secret sleep mission

Rupert has been a little unsettled since moving into the the in laws and finds sleeping/ napping without me hard and it rarely happens. He's also teething so that isn't helping the matter.
I co sleep with him when I'm in bed but it's just in the meantime whilst I relax down stairs I like him to be in the travel cot, as I know he is safe and won't fall out.
I decided to buy a super soft, super cuddly teddy. When it comes to super soft, jellycat teddies always pop out in my head. Noah has bashful beige bunny and loves him dearly still to this day. 
I looked on Amazon but then decided the best place to really look was over on the website! 
They have a massive range of animals, soft toys and baby toys such as comforters, soothers, rattles, tail books and soft books.
The choice really is endless and you could find yourself browsing the pages for hours, I got lost in all the choice and wanted to buy every thing.
In the end I decided I liked the l…

How we're getting on

We have been at Jon's parents for two weeks now. It hasn't been as awkward as I thought it would be, actually it has been really rather lovely!
The boys are loving being with their nana and gramps, I'm enjoying having yummy meals cooked for me ....... We have had a different meal every night! It's amazing.  Ken really loves his cooking and gets rather creative in the kitchen.
We have our own lounge, so the boys can't destroy the nice lounge and it keeps us from getting under each other's feet. Once the kids are in bed we then venture into the grown up lounge. 
Today Jon and I will be signing the house contract and hopefully from Monday things will really get moving.
Our house was officially sold last Friday, it was odd as we drove past a few times and saw the new owners in there and it made us feel sad but after a few days we were over it and are looking forward to our new start. 
Noah is feeling a bit on the low side as he is unsure when and whats going on. We keep …

My captured moment

Linking up for the first time, thought I would share a few of my favourite moments 
Noah trying on his page boy outfit for my best friends wedding  Ru the day after he was born The twins first day at nursery

Spying on daddy

My Sunday photo #6 London zoo

Last Sunday we went off to London zoo with my parents, my sister in law and my neices.
It was lovely to all be out as a family and all the kids really enjoyed themselves as did all my the "big kids"