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Weekly Postcards From The Beach #3

This weeks instalment was from our visit to the beach last Tuesday.
My friend Jenny came down for the day with an awesome picnic.
I packed up our beach bag full of beach essentials - buckets, spades, swimming cosies and blankets.

We spent the whole day there, we made a sandcastle town and even went in for a swim.
I decided out of all the pictures I took, this one of Oscar building the sandcastle a would be a great one to send to Jon's parents.
Again it was super easy to make and Touchnote has just had an update so the app is now extra  speedy!  

Single Postcards cost £2.99 (singe credit). Buy a 5 credit bundle (5 Postcards) they cost just £1.99 each. Buy a 10 credit bundle (10 Postcards) cost is £1.80 each. Free worldwide delivery is included in every order."

Sleep Where Art Thou.......

Bedtime with Rupert has become a massive power struggle.
I decide it's bedtime and he decides its time for a picnic in the dark/hammering time/lining up his Tsum Tsum or his favourite running around in a circle in the dark.

Once asleep and I've had a mini party on my own, he then wakes up at one for the rest of his all night party.

We end up on the sofa watching some Disney film or another.

Oh how I wish he would fall asleep as easily as he does during the day!

Pasta Necklaces

At the weekend I decided I wanted to get my craft on with the boys, but seeing as Ru has decided sleep is no longer on his life agenda I didn't really want a craft that would take up too much of my concentration.
I needed a craft that was going to be easy enough for me to do through my sleep deprivation.

Pinterest came to my rescue, not only did I get the idea for the pasta necklaces, I've managed to put together a pin board for craft ideas to do with the boys throughout the summer holidays.

On Saturday just before dinner the boys all picked a food colouring and we set to work dying the pasta.
I used 4 plastic bag, two handfuls of pasta in each bag, 20-30 drops of food colouring and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. The boys all loved shaking up their pasta and watch it changing colour.
We then left the bags for around 4 hours and before I went to bed, I placed the dyed pasta on a tea towel to dry out ready for the morning.

The boys and myself all had great fun making the neckl…

The Passion Flower & The Bumble Bee

Whilst I was melting in the garden yesterday, I spotted this rather large and rather fluffy bumble bee.
I keep seeing them in our lavender but every time I go to try and get a photo, they turn and fly off, or they so busy buzzing around that I can't quite get a decent snap.

Our garden fence is covered in passion flowers and we always get an array of insects in there. This bumble bee was covered from his nose to his tail in passion flower pollen.
He was so busy working that he didn't even notice me and my phone get right up behind him and start snapping away.
I love that you can see how fluffy he looks.
He carried on in the same flower for the next couple of minutes.

Giveaway || Style ‘N’ Swap with Mini Lalaloopsy™

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Postcards From The Beach - Week Two

This weeks postcard was taken on Saturday when we headed to the beach with my parents for a last minute picnic.

After we had chilled out on the beach front and the boys had, had their fill of running in and out of the water, we headed over to the shop to buy some ice creams.
Afterwards they decided it would be a great idea to get my dad to chuck them around! Always wise after ice creams.
As soon as I took this photo I knew it would make a great postcard and knew who would love it the most.
So whilst the boys were all playing I went onto my Touchnote app and quickly made up a postcard for my gramps - my dads dad.
I knew he'd love the photo of his son and one of his great grandsons. I'm sure it will make their wall of fame.
Not only are Touchnote postcards, postcards but they make beautiful photos as well.
Have you tried the Touchnote app yet?
The app is free to download and Postcards from just £1.80 with free postage included. The more credits you buy the cheaper the postcard …

Shimmer & Shine With Andrew Barton's SOS Hair Repair!

Andrew’s award-winning collection is uniquely formulated for dry, damaged or fragile hair. Infused with world-famous Moroccan Argan Oil and indulgent Shea Butter, the products are intensely nourishing to restore and treat your hair.

Me and my hair have been having a love hate relationship since 2013. Before then it was long, luscious and black.
I had a bit of a identity crisis after an early miscarriage and decided I wanted to change myself complete and jump on board the bright pink hair craze. I bleached the hell out of my dyed black hair and the results weren't pretty but I finally achieved my pink hair goal. Only for that to last a couple of weeks, as I finally decided I looked more chavtastic that uber chic cool.
Back to black I went. Over the next few years and much to the annoyance of my hair dresser / best friend Jenny I kept bleaching the hell out of my hair to change it to a silly shade before colouring it back to black.
You would think being 30 I would know not to mess…

Things To Consider When Starting A Buisness.

When Jon and I decided to start Island Homewares we had to really think about how we were going to store all the products we wanted to sell.
We planned to have lots of different stock, and a good amount of the single items, so that we didn't have to keep on re-ordering them.
We looked at our house and knew there was no room to store things in the house.
Plus with a cat and dog in the house, I knew this was a no-no. People don't want brand new items with pet hairs or smells on them.
So we looked into building an office / store room in the garden.

The shed was built with lots of shelving and a desk, so that Jon can wrap the parcels up.

Back at Jon's parents, Jon turned half of the garage into an over flow storage.
He insulated the walls, so nothing would be affected by the outside elements.

Getting the storage right is key when starting a business.
If your stock is not organised and tidy you wont be able to work efficiently.
Which in the long run could lose you money.

You …

Flying High

My parents joined us for a picnic on the beach. We knew the weather was going to be great, so Saturday morning I rang my mum and invited her down.

The weather was so nice that the boys got their first dip in the sea this year. Last summer they were in the sea pretty much every other day.
They are true beach bums at heart.

We went to the part of the Island that we knew would be pretty much empty and we'd be able to have a whole section to ourselves.
The beach didn't disappoint, no one was there and the boys could take their pick of what bit they wanted to explore without getting in other peoples way.

Us adults set up camp on camping chairs and dug into our pretty poor mans picnic - sausages rolls and brioche with no filling.
Sending Jon for picnic goodies was a bit of a fail, but none of the boys moaned. Myself and my mum joined the boys in the sea, but before we could blink the tide went out and it was a mission to get to the water.

The boys loved having Mimi and Mer…

Ready, Steady......Hero

Island Homewares || Summer Stock Update

Island Homewares has had some cool new stock arrive. I'm going to show you a collection of my favourites!
Starting off with this adorable Sass & Belle metallic gold sun. This pillow will go in any child's room, as soon as the boys saw him they all wanted one for themselves.

These cool LED lights are also from Sass & Belle, the cloud one has been restocked as it sold out in a matter of days last time.
The hearts and arrows are brand new in the shop and we are hoping they fly out the windows the same way the clouds did.

NEW RICE DK GOODIES. *Claps hands and jumps around*
I do love RiceDK kitchenware. It's fun, fresh and colourful.
I'm slowly getting my way of having the kitchen filled with Rice gear. Not only is it funky, its child proof. The boys couldn't break it even if they tried.
Their kitchen range has everything from cutlery to serving plates. Island Homewares has a whole section on the website dedicated to Rice. There's even…

Cot To Cot bed

I wasn't ready for this AT ALL. I was quite happy to wait till Ru was at least a teenager before switching him from a cot to a bed. Transitioning from a cot to a bed is A BIG DEAL. My baby is no longer a baby!!

My wild child had other plans about being stuck in his gorgeous white sleigh cot till his teen years.
He learnt how to climb out of his cot and once that happened there was no stopping him.
I found him in the middle of the night screaming in the corner of his room as he'd jumped out and banged his head.
So the cot side had to come off, just for pure safety. We popped a baby gate on his room, so that he wouldn't be able to wonder around the house and get into mischief, if he did get out of bed in the dark.

As well as changing his cot into a bed, I also had a change about of his room. I think it went down well and it makes his big room look even bigger.
Ru seemed very impressed with his new big boy bedroom, I thought great bedtime should be a doodle.
Oh how Ru laugh…

Weekly Postcards From The Beach

For the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing weekly postcards from the beach.
To show you how easy and fun it is to use Touchnote.
I'll fill you in a little about the postcard service from Touchnote, so you can see what it's all about.

App turns holidaymaker’s snaps into postcards and sends them to loved ones at home. No stamp required
"We all know sending a postcard from your holiday can be a hassle.
Off we go down to the nearestsouvenir shop to make our choice from the same small selection of generic out-dated images on offer to everyone else from the carousel or rack outside. We buy a stamp. We take it back to the room where it stays until we can finally drag the kids away from the pool for long enough to write it, usually to a chorus of “do I have tosday or two before you’re due to leave. Then we have to find somewhere to post it and of course it arrives homeweek