Friday 15 July 2016

Cot To Cot bed

I wasn't ready for this AT ALL.
I was quite happy to wait till Ru was at least a teenager before switching him from a cot to a bed.
Transitioning from a cot to a bed is A BIG DEAL.
My baby is no longer a baby!!

My wild child had other plans about being stuck in his gorgeous white sleigh cot till his teen years.

He learnt how to climb out of his cot and once that happened there was no stopping him.

I found him in the middle of the night screaming in the corner of his room as he'd jumped out and banged his head.

So the cot side had to come off, just for pure safety.
We popped a baby gate on his room, so that he wouldn't be able to wonder around the house and get into mischief, if he did get out of bed in the dark.

As well as changing his cot into a bed, I also had a change about of his room.
I think it went down well and it makes his big room look even bigger.

Ru seemed very impressed with his new big boy bedroom, I thought great bedtime should be a doodle.

Oh how Ru laughed come bedtime.

It was far to exciting jumping in and out of bed to actually settle down and go to sleep.
I was in his room till 10pm!

It is still a bit iffy come bedtime, but if I have worn him out enough before he goes to sleep we normally have no issue at all.

My next hurdle was to stop him falling out once he was asleep, I had placed a rolled up towel at the edge of the mattress to try and help him stay in, but it didn't really do anything.

I was then contacted by the lovely Victoria from Acosy Bumpers.

Acosy Bumpers are cot safe foam bed guard bumpers, designed to keep your child safe and reassured in their big bed. Our Bed Bumpers simply sit on the mattress edge and are secured in place by your fitted bottom sheet……….simple, light weight and very child friendly, creating safe sleeping solutions for you and your child. A safe alternative to the hard bed rails of past.

We were sent the Joey Pack, which is one little bed sized bumper and a extra deep cot-bed fitted sheet.
This pack is currently being sold for £22.48.

The delivery was fast, and it is no hassle to set up, unwrap the foam and place on the bed.
The Acosy Bumper has been a bit of a life saver really.
The first night he had his bumper on, he slept from 7.30pm to 6am!
I peeked in on him when I was heading for bed and I watched him roll over and if the bumper hadn't been there, he would have rolled onto the floor and woken up to cause some drama.

The Acosy bumper on its own without the extra deep sheet is only £9.99, which I really think is a great bargain, much cheaper than a lot of other bed guards on the market at the moment.

If you needed two bumpers you can buy the Duckling Pack for £17.98.

Acosy bumpers are not just for children, adults can benefit from them too.
Designed to fit on any mattress including single, double, king & even electric/profiling beds under a fitted sheet. The bumpers prevent elderly or vulnerable adults from falling or rolling out of bed, they offer a discreet, soft but sturdy, versatile option to conventional metal/wooden bed rails.

Ru is still loving getting up at stupid o'clock, but at least whilst he is asleep he is safe from falling out and bumping his head.


**I was sent the product for free, in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.**

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