Wednesday 13 July 2016

Weekly Postcards From The Beach

For the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing weekly postcards from the beach.

To show you how easy and fun it is to use Touchnote.

I'll fill you in a little about the postcard service from Touchnote, so you can see what it's all about.

App turns holidaymaker’s snaps into postcards and sends them to loved ones at home. No stamp required

"We all know sending a postcard from your holiday can be a hassle.

Off we go down to the nearest souvenir shop to make our choice from the same small selection of generic out-dated images on offer to everyone else from the carousel or rack outside. We buy a stamp. We take it back to the room where it stays until we can finally drag the kids away from the pool for long enough to write it, usually to a chorus of “do I have tos day or two before you’re due to leave. Then we have to find somewhere to post it and of course it arrives home weeks after you do

The Touchnote app takes out all of the hassle.

You can do it all straight from your phone or tablet without having to leave the sun lounger!

In just a few clicks customers can choose their favourite photo, caption it, add a quick message, the recipients address, an emoji or two, there’s even a map location feature, and then tap to send.

Cards are printed and received with free delivery worldwide in just days.

Simple and fun to do. Special to receive.

Single Postcards cost £2.99 (singe credit). Buy a 5 credit bundle (5 Postcards) they cost just £1.99 each. Buy a 10 credit bundle (10 Postcards) cost is £1.80 each.
Free worldwide delivery is included in every order."

My first Touchnote postcard was to my parents after an afternoon spent at theirs.

My little Ru throwing stones into the sea.

My parents loved having this wonderful surprise land on their doorstep and have asked for more surprises as it makes a nice change to the normal junk that lands on their mat.

I love that it is soooo sooo sooooo easy to use.
The app saves all the addresses you use and even if you have addresses stored on your phone it will be able to access them which helps make it even more easier for you to send a postcard at just a click of a button.

You can literally snap your picture, type out a quick message and its being sent off in a blink of an eye to make someone's day!

The app is free and the postcards are cheap and 10x better than a shop bought card.
Why not make someone's day by sending them a personalised postcard from Touchnote.

The postcards don't just have to be used when your on holiday, they can be used to just to show your thinking of someone.

Now who doesn't love knowing someone is thinking about you?!

See my next Postcard next Wednesday.
If you've used the app already why not tell me in the comments below what you thought of it!!

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