Monday 4 July 2016

Weekend Fun

Beware this is a photo heavy post.
I haven't done this for a while, and feel its about time I brought it back to the blog.
Our weekends usually consists of seeing family and spending time at home or the beach.

This weekend we discovered a local church was having a fate, so we decided to head off to that on Saturday morning once we had got the house in order.

The church was out in the middle of nowhere and unless you knew it, you probably wouldn't even know it was there.
I wrote about the Church here


Whilst I was making dinner, I let the boys crack open the Twirlywoo magazines that I got given at Britmums Live.
They love watching the Twirlywoo's so they loved the magazine.
Alex really impressed me with his colouring in skills.
Not bad for a lefty, I loved the fact he made sure the colours were all the proper colours of peekaboo, where as Oscar and Ru just did any random colour.
Ru became a bit possessive of the felt tip pens, so Oscar didn't get much of a choice.

As well as colouring in Peekaboo Ru decided he needed a bit of colour too.


Sunday morning started ridiculously early, Ru decided 3am was the perfect time to get up and stroke our textured wallpaper with his head, I managed to finally get him back to sleep about 5ish for him to wake at 6am.

Around 8am I was enjoying my 4th cup of coffee in the garden whilst Ru did his weekly cleaning of his Little Tikes car.

We headed off to my parents once every one was fed and dressed.
My parents have been Italy for the past two weeks so we haven't seen them for a while, so all the boys were excited to see them plus my gran would be there too.

The weather was lovely so we spent the whole day out in the garden.
Ray decided that he actually does enjoy playing fetch so spent most of the day playing fetch.

My dad and I had a few goes at swing ball, I won a few but mainly my dad kicked my bum.
It really is a great way to get rid of pent up frustration.
Ill be buying one for myself once we move.

A visit to the grandparent's always includes a Mergie wrestling match.

Whilst Noah went off with my mum to collect my nieces and sister in law from the station I entertained the twins and Ru with the bubble machine.
I took my camera with me.......I know I'm pretty impressed i managed to remember it too.

So I was able to capture some nice shots of the boys and the bubbles.

I thought seeing as I had my camera and my phone had died, I would try and practise taking some arty shots.
So I took a walk around the garden and took some of my parents flowers.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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