Tuesday 12 July 2016

Ru's Favourite Things

I thought id share some of Ru's favourite things, some things I like.....others not so much.

Ill start with the good,
Ru has a new obsession with Disney's Tsum Tsum.
An obsession started by me, I'm a sucker for cute Japanese things and when Disney and Japanese meet I'm in there like a shot!
Ru is very possessive over his Tsum Tsum and wont let any of the other boys touch them.
His newest one is his big Nemo.

Ru loooooves lining up his Disney Cars, he usually does this when he's a bit upset or needs some quiet time.
When times have been a bit hectic or when things get a bit to much for him.
I love watching him line them up in neat little lines.
He's also started to line up cutlery, and has been known to line up the mugs from the cupboard.

Ru also loves to go and visit the trees over at the meadow.
He's very happy when he's out in the woods, he loves listening to the birds and pointing at the different trees.

A love that is still as strong as ever is his love for Mr Tumble.

He has also developed a love for the very annoying nursery rhyme
Daddy finger song
Oh my god he plays it over and over and oooooover again.

I hate it, it makes me want to cry

Other things I hate that Ru loves -
Waking up at 4am,
Not eating and meals.
Loving milk far to much.

Ru's eating not eating habits is really starting to worry me.
He will sit at the table with everyone and just completely ignore the food that's in front of him, occasionally he will nibble on one little thing then go back to ignoring it.

I'm hoping having lunch at nursery will hopefully make him see that eating is ok.
He used to be so good when it came to food and would eat everything and anything.

Is your child a non eater?
How do you combat it?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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