Friday 22 July 2016

Postcards From The Beach - Week Two

This weeks postcard was taken on Saturday when we headed to the beach with my parents for a last minute picnic.

After we had chilled out on the beach front and the boys had, had their fill of running in and out of the water, we headed over to the shop to buy some ice creams.

Afterwards they decided it would be a great idea to get my dad to chuck them around!
Always wise after ice creams.

As soon as I took this photo I knew it would make a great postcard and knew who would love it the most.

So whilst the boys were all playing I went onto my Touchnote app and quickly made up a postcard for my gramps - my dads dad.

I knew he'd love the photo of his son and one of his great grandsons.
I'm sure it will make their wall of fame.

Not only are Touchnote postcards, postcards but they make beautiful photos as well.

Have you tried the Touchnote app yet?

The app is free to download and
Postcards from just £1.80 with free postage included.
The more credits you buy the cheaper the postcard turns out.

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