Thursday 21 July 2016

Shimmer & Shine With Andrew Barton's SOS Hair Repair!

Andrew’s award-winning collection is uniquely formulated for dry, damaged or fragile hair. Infused with world-famous Moroccan Argan Oil and indulgent Shea Butter, the products are intensely nourishing to restore and treat your hair.

Me and my hair have been having a love hate relationship since 2013.
Before then it was long, luscious and black.

I had a bit of a identity crisis after an early miscarriage and decided I wanted to change myself complete and jump on board the bright pink hair craze.
I bleached the hell out of my dyed black hair and the results weren't pretty but I finally achieved my pink hair goal.
Only for that to last a couple of weeks, as I finally decided I looked more chavtastic that uber chic cool.

Back to black I went.
Over the next few years and much to the annoyance of my hair dresser / best friend Jenny I kept bleaching the hell out of my hair to change it to a silly shade before colouring it back to black.

You would think being 30 I would know not to mess with my hair so much, even having it all chopped off because it was so damaged didn't stop me.

Since buggering my hair up I'm always on the look out for shampoo that promises me the world and an instant fix.

Just recently I decided I wanted to be blonde....because why not.
It didn't work out and again my hair felt like chewing gum when wet.

I walked around for a week or so with bright ginger hair before caving and going back to black.
I was contacted by the guys over at Andrew Barton to see if I wanted to try some of their products.

Always on the hunt for the next best thing for my poor hair, I said yep.
I told them about my poor hair, and they instantly said the S.O.S Hair Repair would be the one to try.

The oil has become my best friend and I use after every wash even if I'm not blow drying or straightening my hair.

The shampoo & conditioner has given me an instant shine and my hair is back to feeling soft and lovely.
I use the hair mask once a week, and I'll leave it on whilst I have a nice soak in the bath.
The longer the better!

Yes my hair is still damaged but it is well on its way back to looking and feeling healthier.

I've made a promise to my hair that I will no longer mess with it and I will get it back to it previous glory.

**I was sent the products for free in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own**

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