Saturday 2 July 2016


So on Thursday I headed off to London for another blogger event and for once I arrived with plenty of time, so I used that time to take in the sights! 

I'm not normally one to stand around and take pictures for fear of people looking and calling me a tourist!

Now I no longer work or live near London I guess I am a tourist.
So let them look and mock me whilst I snap some good shots of what London has to offer.

Obviously no one stopped and stared.
It's perfectly normal to spot people taking pictures in London.

I loved just standing still and taking it all in.
St Pauls Cathedral is such a pretty sight I went a bit snap happy and took about ten different shots from ten different angels.

Again I was kicking myself for not taking my Nikon out with me.

I know these London bike photos are pretty old now, but I've never actually seen any, or never really paid any attention to them.
I love the idea of people being able to rent bikes so easily.

I told you I went a bit too snap happy with St Paul's.

I know I say this every time I go out and take pictures that I really will take my camera out with me next time, but I mean it this time!

Rather than it hiding away in its bag upstairs I will find a home for it near the front door, so I never have an excuse to leave it behind.

Ill probably save my phone from dying whilst out if I have my camera to hand.

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