Thursday 7 July 2016

Hotter Maidstone Blogger Event

Last Wednesday I was invited along to the Hotter Maidstone store for a special Blogger evening.

The famous Hotter bus.

The evening started with prosecco and a buffet, once everyone had arrived we were told the history of  Hotter.

Hotter started life making slippers back in 1959, now they make shoes as comfortable as slippers!

They boast that once you try on a pair of Hotter shoes, you will have a 'Hotter Moment' and boy they don't lie.

I popped my 'Hotter Moment' cherry that evening.

The soles of the shoes are filled with millions of air bubbles, they are all made in the Hotter factory which is based over in Lancashire.

It was great hearing all about the history behind Hotter and how over the years they have progressed to what they are today.

In February 2010 Hotter only had 5 stores, now they have over 80!

Hotter is also the UK's biggest shoe manufacture - making a pair of shoes every 20 seconds.

After we had heard all about Hotter we were then allowed to go around the shop and pick some shoes out to try on.

A girls dream!
There were so many different styles and colour there really was something for everyone.
Young, old, trendy, hip, casual, sporty.
You name it they had it.

I picked up three pairs to try on,
Ouake in Winter Taupe,
Mable in Navy Floral
Martha in Mid Green.



I loved trying on all the different shoes and feeling how comfortable they all were.
I enjoyed meeting Mel and Jenni they were very lovely and friendly.
I also enjoyed meeting some new blogger friends.

I pretty rubbish at events when I don't know anyone as my social awkwardness takes over, so meeting these two was great.
We said we would meet up again as we are all quite local so that will be nice.

Once the evening had ended we all got to take away a pair of shoes to review.

I'll be posting my review very soon


A big thank you to Mel and Jenni for inviting me along to enjoy the evening with you.


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