Thursday 21 July 2016

Things To Consider When Starting A Buisness.

When Jon and I decided to start Island Homewares we had to really think about how we were going to store all the products we wanted to sell.

We planned to have lots of different stock, and a good amount of the single items, so that we didn't have to keep on re-ordering them.

We looked at our house and knew there was no room to store things in the house.

Plus with a cat and dog in the house, I knew this was a no-no.
People don't want brand new items with pet hairs or smells on them.

So we looked into building an office / store room in the garden.

The shed was built with lots of shelving and a desk, so that Jon can wrap the parcels up.

Back at Jon's parents, Jon turned half of the garage into an over flow storage.
He insulated the walls, so nothing would be affected by the outside elements.

Getting the storage right is key when starting a business.
If your stock is not organised and tidy you wont be able to work efficiently.
Which in the long run could lose you money.

You need to be able to find the products that need sending off quickly and easily.
Labelling up boxes and having them on show, helps.
Not over stocking shelves with random boxes also helps.

Another trick we have learnt is to keep things in different sections.
All our cups and mugs are on one shelf and plates are on another and so on.

So when someone has ordered something we know which shelf that product is going to be on.

If and when the business out grows our storage we will start to think of storing our products in a warehouse.

Over at warehouse storage solutions.
There many years of experience in the industry allows them to offer a full diagnostic check on your current storage situation and to find solutions.

Warehouse Storage Solutions believe that Mezzanine floors could really be the key to successful storage solutions.
They say ;

'Mezzanine floors help different businesses with additional storage facilities. By installing a mezzanine floor you can effectively maximise your surface area and double your existing space without incurring any extra cost of moving or relocating. Setting up a mezzanine floor into your business premises provides an ideal solution for businesses who want to maximise their storage or production capacity but at a fraction of the cost of relocation or extending existing premises. '

If you have a business what are your top tips for solving storage problems?

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