Tuesday 26 July 2016

Pasta Necklaces

At the weekend I decided I wanted to get my craft on with the boys, but seeing as Ru has decided sleep is no longer on his life agenda I didn't really want a craft that would take up too much of my concentration.

I needed a craft that was going to be easy enough for me to do through my sleep deprivation.

Pinterest came to my rescue, not only did I get the idea for the pasta necklaces, I've managed to put together a pin board for craft ideas to do with the boys throughout the summer holidays.

On Saturday just before dinner the boys all picked a food colouring and we set to work dying the pasta.

I used 4 plastic bag, two handfuls of pasta in each bag, 20-30 drops of food colouring and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar.
The boys all loved shaking up their pasta and watch it changing colour.

We then left the bags for around 4 hours and before I went to bed, I placed the dyed pasta on a tea towel to dry out ready for the morning.

The boys and myself all had great fun making the necklaces.
It was lovely just to switch off the TV and have the normal madness of the house turn calm.

Ru decided playing with the pasta was more interesting than making a necklace, so we left him to it, whilst I made him one and then one for myself.

Oscar made two for himself then decided he wanted to make one for our neighbours and auntie Jenni and cousin Sam.
Alex then said he needed to make one for each of the grandparents.

Even Mr I'm to cool to do anything but play on my PlayStation enjoyed himself!

Next on our craft to do list is Papier-mâché Power Ranger masks.

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