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Happy new year ....

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year's Eve, wether staying in or going out 
I shall be writing much more in the coming weeks..... Promise x

My Sunday photo #5

Taken after being out for my birthday dinner. All I need are my beautiful boys.. All in brand new pjs too. Can't get better than that x 

Christmas crafting

Seeing as Noah is off, I thought I would get some Christmas crafting done. This year I've gone for the Santa salt dough hand prints.
What you need:  A bowl to mix in One cup of salt (table salt is fine) One cup of plain flour One cup of water - you probably won't need all of it, so pour a little at a time 

What to do:  Pour in the salt Pour in the flour Add the water a little at a time Kneed until a dough is formed. Once the dough is nice and firm and not sticky, roll out until about a cm thick.

Then get your lovely littles to add their handprints. Don't forget to add holes if you want to use them as tree decorations. I used the purple but of a calpol syringe. 
Then cut out and pop in the oven at 100•c for 2 - 3 hours turn them over half way if they are thick.
Once cool (usually best to leave over night) you can paint the design 

I had mine baking for about 3 hours then I turned them over and baked for another hour, I left them to cool over night and used a permanent marker to do the deta…

Things have settled down a bit ....

It doesn't look like we are going to be moving until the new year, so the stress of getting everything sorted before Christmas has been lifted. I'm feeling slightly back to normal, and I've missed sharing posts! 
So what's been happening in the monster household.....
Ru is now pulling himself up and is growing far to quickly 
The wildlings had their last day at nursery and their Christmas party.  Alex was amazed by santa and would not leave his side, Oscar on the other hand was less than keen. I'm not sure if that was it down to nursery being filled with children and parents. We will find out on Monday as we are off to see santa in his grotto. 

I turned 29 on Tuesday, I had a lovely day and an even better pudding!!

Noah is celebrating his 7th birthday today!! He has been sent home from school, as he wasn't feeling well and is now having a pj day. We took him and some friends to play laser quest at the weekend and they all had a really great time! 

He also had his scho…

The dinosaur that pooped ....... Review and giveaway!

The Dinosaur that pooped.....written by those fab McFly boys Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter
I was over the moon to be given the chance to review these fab books and be able to host my first giveaway :)
....... These books are a must have for any home with little people in....even big kids at heart will take a liking to them 
They are great fun to read, and they are written so well that they hold on to the child's concentration and keep them gripped from beginning to end and leave them wanting more! 
The stories are about a little boy called Danny and his greedy dino friend! They get up to lots of fun, and the fun soon ends in tears as dino ends up eating far to much (sometimes even family members) and the only way to put things right is too poop!!! 
My boys are massive dinosaur fans and boys being boys find toilet humour hilarious. I knew straight away they would be a massive hit.
The twins squealed when the dino pooped and Noah screamed eeeeewwwwww then laughed for ab…

Ella's Kitchen ..... Give a Sprout

Our fabulous friends over at Ella's kitchen  are all about giving this christmas! 
Check out the short film Here -----
Ella’s Kitchen opens a special Christmas pop up shop to help provide festive meals for little ones
With thousands of UK children living in food poverty who aren’t able to enjoy a Christmas dinner, Ella’s Kitchen® Brand today opened a very special one-off ‘give a sprout’ shop in Covent Garden in the run up to the big day, in support of charity Kids Company.
The unique festive pop up will offer passers-by the chance to get their hands on a selection of special organic, handmade sprout characters, in return for a small donation to Kids Company. All the money from the sale of the quirky green veggies will go towards helping the children’s charity deliver food parcels to over 12,000 families and little ones this Christmas.
Each of the six organic sprout characters on offer will have their o…