Wednesday 3 December 2014

The dinosaur that pooped ....... Review and giveaway!

The Dinosaur that pooped.....written by those fab McFly boys Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

I was over the moon to be given the chance to review these fab books and be able to host my first giveaway :)

....... These books are a must have for any home with little people in....even big kids at heart will take a liking to them 

They are great fun to read, and they are written so well that they hold on to the child's concentration and keep them gripped from beginning to end and leave them wanting more! 

The stories are about a little boy called Danny and his greedy dino friend! They get up to lots of fun, and the fun soon ends in tears as dino ends up eating far to much (sometimes even family members) and the only way to put things right is too poop!!! 


My boys are massive dinosaur fans and boys being boys find toilet humour hilarious. I knew straight away they would be a massive hit.

The twins squealed when the dino pooped and Noah screamed eeeeewwwwww then laughed for about 5 minutes. 

Even when we haven't read the books I catch them giggling to themselves about the pooping dinosaur! 

You can buy the books on Amazon here ...

Or to be in with a chance to win the three books plus an activity pack, head on over to my instagram page and enter click here

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