Thursday 28 May 2015

Father's Day gift ideas brought to you by Snapfish - Review

When it comes to buying presents for Jon I always come to a mind blank and end up buying him socks or boxers .... 

Not very imaginative or thoughtful and never really wanted!

Over at Snapfish you can design your very own personalised gifts that are sure to give that 'wow factor'! 
There are many different items to personalise and all at great prices - something to suit everyone's budget.

This year I can surprise Jon and earn some good girlfriend points.

Jon is always moaning about people at work stealing his tea mug, so first on my list was to make him his very own mug that would be impossible to misplace or for others to think it was theirs. 

Next I decided to make a photo panel of the twins, Jon loves showing off the boys to his work colleagues so I thought this was perfect for the job!


To keep with the showing off of his boys theme! 
I made him a personalised calendar, which is dated from May 2015 to April 2016!! 
So buying a calendar nearly half way through the year wasn't a waste of money!
There are lots of designsto pick from, I picked the Chalkboard art design, more my taste but I'm sure Jon won't mind! 
I am hoping he chooses to keep the caldendar for home rather than his office!

Last but not least is this cool notepad, Jon is always working on projects or writing lists, so this was perfect! 

I'm really pleased with all the products I got from Snapfish, they turned out much better than I thought they would and I know Jon will be over the moon with them!

The quality of everything is great.

The site was really really easy to use, you pick what you want to personalise and upload your own pictures and its as easy as that! You can either place the pictures where you want them or the site can randomly add the pictures for you! 

If you fancy making some personalised Father's Day gifts yourselves why not head over too the Snapfish website

The guys over at Snapfish have given me a discount code for you, my lovely readers - 

50% off Father's Day bestsellers:

all photo books, mugs, cards, 6x4” acrylic prints, acrylic blocks, photo

panels, jigsaw puzzles, mousemats, keyrings & large prints

Just enter this at the check out. 


The discount code is valid from 25thMay to 15thJune 

**This post was sponsored by Snapfish,  but all thoughts are my own** 

Tuesday 26 May 2015

Beach day fun!

My Friend Jenny came over for a visit so I decided to take her to the beach as the last two times she has visited we didn't get up to much.

So I packed up some towels and some drinks and off we headed to the seaside! 

We haven't yet been paddling in the sea as either it's not warm enough or the tide is out and Jon doesn't like the idea of walking out to the sea ..... ( Jon has a few anxieties and is very safety conscience, which usually ends up with us not being allowed to do anything overly "dangerous".) 

The tide was out and Jon wasn't with us, so off we went for a water adventure!!   ... I told Jon afterwards and showed him the pictures to win him over with the fun we were having. 

This was the first time for the twins and Rupert to dip their toes into the sea 

They all loved it!!

Ru loved sitting down and having a splash 

Noah even attempted to sunbath, but having issues with being still for any length of time he didn't too last long!

After we had finished playing in the sea we headed off to the sweet hut for an ice cream and a cup of coffee for me and Jen 

Everything Mummy

Friday 22 May 2015

I'm going to BritMums live 2015

So I'm going along to Britmums Live and I could not be more excited!

I thought I'd join in with Britmums Meme! 

  • Name - Hannah 
  • Blog - Hannah and The Mini Beasts
  • Twitter ID - Hannahplus4
  • Height - 5'5
  • Hair - black 
  • Eyes - brown
  • Is this your first blogging conference? - this will be my first ever blogging outing! I'm excited and yet very nervous! 
  • Are you attending both days? - I am indeedy 
  • What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? - learning, I'm still newish to the blogging world and I'm still finding my way so it will be great to learn everything I need to know! Meeting up with fellow bloggers and making new friends.
  • What are you wearing? - Oh my goodness I have no idea!!! A Shopping trip is on the cards 
  • What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? - blogging know how and a few new friendships! 

I have meobius syndrome - I have previously written a post Here 
So if you see me and I'm not smiling it's not because I'm bored or grumpy ... I just can't. 
I'm happy and fun honest :) 

I’m going to BritMums Live

Colour changing rain coat and wellies by SquidKid - Review


 The postman dropped off an exciting parcel containing probably the coolest raincoat and wellies you'll ever see! 

Never had i willed it to rain on such a beautiful day ...... 


The weatherman was in my favour and on the way home from the school run the heavens opened!


""SquidKids is the brainchild of co-founders Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes who formed SquidLondon in 2008. Developing their brand into the childrenswear market started in 2012 with the first ever boys and girls colour changing splash jackets. They believe their fun and colourful, colour-changing designs will bring children’s imaginations alive and add zest and colour to their lives.""

The twins loved the shark design and were both asking to wear it as soon as I took the jacket out the box.
They took it in turns to come out into the rain and have a splash about whilst I snapped away! 

I hadn't told them the Sharks would chance colour, so seeing their faces when they noticed was a delight!

We have had a few comments about how nice the jacket is .... They've each  worn it to school even though it hasn't rained much since the photos were taken. 

The jacket is made extremely well and seems like it will be hard wearing .... Which means Ru may even have it passed onto him! Can't beat a hand me down especially when it's something as cool as a colour changing rain coat.

I love how the hood is slightly gathered so that in the wind it won't blow down. 
Being by the sea, it can get rather windy and the the boys raincoat hoods are forever being blown off their heads! 

The wellies have a good thick sole and flexible rubber to make popping them on really easy and long wearing! 




SquidKids have a great range for both girls and boys! 

Head over to their website and have a look .... SquidKids 

You can also follow them on all their social media sites. 

2% of every Squidkids product sold goes directly to Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice Care!


** I was sent the SquidKid raincoat and welly boots for free, in return for an honest review all thoughts are my own **

Thursday 21 May 2015

We found a park ....

We are still getting a bearings on the island and last night on the way back from the beach we came across a very cool looking park which all the boys called the 'pirate park'

So once we'd done the morning run around we packed a little picnic and took the littles to the 'pirate park' 

All the boys had fun and Jon and I enjoyed a nice coffee from the boat house cafe whilst the boys played.

We had the play area to ourselves which was just lovely! 

Once again something else to make us love this little island even more!

Everyone thought we were mad moving to the Isle of Sheppey but they obviously didn't know the pure beauty of it. 
Yes there isn't many shops but we don't need shops, we love having the land to explore and have fun on! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Reducing the cost of childcare by Isobel Hall

The following post is by Isobel Hall, who is a English Literature student at University and in her spare time Isobel likes to carry out some freelance work... 

She has currently written a couple of papers and I thought my readers would be interested in this one about Reducing The Cost of Childcare ..... If you would like to know more or read some more of her work you can email her here .... 

Reducing the cost of childcare
Childcare is expensive and it’s the most expensive element of having a child today with the average cost being £10,000 a year according to this baby cost calculator. With so many options available enabling you to reduce the cost, it’s time you were made aware of them all.

What are you entitled too?
First step is to find out what you could be entitled too as everyone is entitled to different allowances.
All parents are entitled to child benefit. For your eldest or only child you will receive £20.70 a week and for additional children you will receive £13.70 a week. Although, if you or your partner earn over £50,000 individually a year then you may have to pay a tax charge. Claiming child benefit can also help you gain national insurance credits which contribute towards your state pension and ensure that once your child reaches 16 they are provided with a national insurance number.
If you work more than 16 hours a week, claim working tax credits, or the childcare is either registered or approved you could be eligible for benefits such as childcare tax credits. For which your first child you are able to claim £122.50 per week and £210 per week for more than two children until they reach 16 oif they have a disability up to the age of 17. Be aware of the salary sacrifice scheme too where your employer offers tax free child care vouchers deducted from your wages, do some research on this as there is a lot to find out, and this scheme cannot be used in conjunction with childcare tax credits.
All 3-4 year olds (and some 2 year olds depending on your income) are entitled to 570 hours of free early education or childcare per year. Childcare that is eligible are nurseries and nursery classes, play groups and pre-schools, childminders and sure start children’s centres.  
You have the right to ask for flexible working hours which could allow you and your partner to adjust your hours in the week through either part time work, flexi time, working term time only, working from home or job sharing. So have a chat with your manager and see what they can provide. 
All these different avenues to explore are sure to give you a helping hand in affording and reducing the cost of your childcare bill. 

Types of childcare to consider
Nurseries: Nursery’s which are often inspected by Ofsted cater for children from birth to five years. They are often open from 8am-6pm and open in term time too. Nurseries are expensive as you’re paying for a fixed amount of hours but you are rewarded with consistent reliable service which introduces your child to a routine which helps them to adapt better to school when they start.
Childminders: Childminders are a little cheaper plus a lot more flexible but also Ofsted approved. This service enables your child to be looked after in the comfort of your own home, this could help to mirror family life. As a childminder on their own can provide care for up to six children at a time, if your child is an only child it could help provide a play mate and a strong bond between children that could last for years.
Nannies: A nanny for one child is extremely expensive and there are definitely cheaper options but if you have more than one child it could be worthwhile. You could also reduce the cost of the nanny if you share with friends or neighbours which will also provide another great play mate for your child. 

Other ways to reduce costs
Share childcare with friends by looking after each other’s children when possible. This works especially well if you and a friend work part time, you could potentially split the week so childcare is sorted for both of you  and your children have someone to constantly play with which they are sure to love.Also, if you only need childcare for an hour or so it may be practical to rely on friends or neighbours and create a babysitting circle run by tokens. For every hour somebody looks after your child before midnight you give them a token, 2 tokens per hour after midnight and you’re able to regain these if you look after their children.
Ask a relative if they are happy to help out even if it’s as much as once a week to as little as once a month, it will reduce the cost of your childcare by a fair amount and you can rest assure that they are being loved and cared for by a supportive relative. 

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Inside Ray's Pawsome box - Review

Inside Ray's box was 

• treats and snacks - Advance, hypoallergenic snack and dental care sticks 
• poop bags camon 
• oral care spray - flamingo
• rubber bone
• plush toy 
• paw notes 

The Pawsome box is a monthly subscription box for you beloved doggy, each month the box has different theme. 
The April box theme was 'Lets Chill!'

I opened the box with Ray right beside me and as soon as I lifted the box lid, Ray's head was inside making a grab for the plush ice cream .... 

He was very pleased with himself that he got away with such a quick attack!

Once he had finished chucking the ice cream around he came back to investigate some more.

I treated him to a dental stick .... Ray isn't a fussy dog and will eat most things ..... Even pooey nappies!!
These went down a real treat with him, normally after he's gobbled his usual dental sticks he will walk off but after his Advance dental chew he was begging for more!
They must have been extra tasty! 

Advance is a premium range of dog nutrition products, both developed and recommend by vets. 

The hypoallergenic treats are ideal for those fussy dogs who are at risk from developing allergic reaction to certain types of foods!

The treats were a big hit  ..... They're the reason I got such a great picture of Ray beside the box! 

You can find out more about Advance here ..... 

The poop bag dispenser is very funky and will stop us having to stuff the bags in our pocket only to have them fly everywhere when we are trying to grab one to quickly get rid of his poo parcels! It clips on to his lead nicely!

Pawsome boxes are tailored to your dog and delivered monthly to your door for only £19.90 and you can get your first box for free, you just need to pay the postal fee of £2.90 - so why not go grab one for yourself! 

You can visit the Pawsome site and find out more here - 

They don't just do subscription boxes for your beloved doggy, they also do a fantastic kitty box .... Purrfect-box  .... Same idea but for cats obviously. 
I think I'll have to treat Indie to one! 

The guys behind Pawsome box have given me some 20% discount codes for  Advance treats and snacks if you should wish to treat you pooch to some over at MedicAnimal.comor

ADD25 for Puppy Food and Treats from Advance.

ADS25 for Dog Food and Treats from Advance.

ADC25 for Cat Food from Advance.

Valid until the 31/05/2015

** I was sent the Pawsome box in return for an honest review....all thoughts are my own ** 

Boys can have pretty nails too ....

I was painting my toes and Alex decided he wanted pretty nails too.....
All was dandy until caveman daddy came in and caused a fuss!


Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dear 20 year old me ......

Pre twins, pre depression, I used to hate body hair and would rid myself of it every other day and I had an obsession with dying my hair as soon as my roots peeked out! 

Nowadays I can rarely remember the last time I shaved my legs .... They have out done themselves and were ( I've just sorted them out) longer than Jon's! 
I have been walking around with man legs!!!!

I've also let my hair turn into that dull mum hair where I don't really care what it looked like and the greys don't  bother me.

I gave myself a long hard look this morning and I heard my 20 year old self shouting at me! 

"Sort it out!!!!"


Dear 20 year old me,

I'm sorry I've stopped caring, 
I'm sorry I'm so tired all the time, 
I'm sorry I feel empty most days, but I will try try try my hardest to care as much for myself as much as I care for the boys! 
I will not let my leg hairs get disgustingly long, I will re kindle my friendship with my razor, I will re kindle my love for having nice hair! I will re kindle my love for myself!!
I will not let myself get into such a mess! 

If I don't I will allow you to come and give me a slap! 

Hair has been dyed the greys and inch long roots are gone .... Legs now resemble lady legs!

I have good days, I have bad days 
I am a mummy
I am a 29 year old woman.

I do not need to let myself go just yet! 

What I've been shooting this week - wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

Family life