Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dear 20 year old me ......

Pre twins, pre depression, I used to hate body hair and would rid myself of it every other day and I had an obsession with dying my hair as soon as my roots peeked out! 

Nowadays I can rarely remember the last time I shaved my legs .... They have out done themselves and were ( I've just sorted them out) longer than Jon's! 
I have been walking around with man legs!!!!

I've also let my hair turn into that dull mum hair where I don't really care what it looked like and the greys don't  bother me.

I gave myself a long hard look this morning and I heard my 20 year old self shouting at me! 

"Sort it out!!!!"


Dear 20 year old me,

I'm sorry I've stopped caring, 
I'm sorry I'm so tired all the time, 
I'm sorry I feel empty most days, but I will try try try my hardest to care as much for myself as much as I care for the boys! 
I will not let my leg hairs get disgustingly long, I will re kindle my friendship with my razor, I will re kindle my love for having nice hair! I will re kindle my love for myself!!
I will not let myself get into such a mess! 

If I don't I will allow you to come and give me a slap! 

Hair has been dyed the greys and inch long roots are gone .... Legs now resemble lady legs!

I have good days, I have bad days 
I am a mummy
I am a 29 year old woman.

I do not need to let myself go just yet! 

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