Thursday 14 May 2015

10 things you'll understand if you're a cloth bum mum

1. Baby will poo in that brand new nappy even if they have already pooed ten minutes before 

2. You'll want to cry, even though you know that is their job!

3. You'll get a weird sense of satisfaction from stuffing nappies 

4. One of the main reason for buying cloth nappies is you are meant to save money .... They don't tell you you'll be infected with the cloth bug and you'll want to buy every single nappy you see ..... They are just too cute not too.

5. There's a great sense of joy from seeing your (because really they are yours, as baby won't really care what is on his/her bottom l) pretty nappies on the line in the sun 

6. Sunshine  is a great excuse for baby to show off his/her fluff

7. You'll not want to hide them away, you'll need some sort of storage where they can easily be seen 

8. You'll hide brand new fluff and know hubby won't notice once it's hidden amongst all the others 

9. You'll order said new fluff on certain days so you'll know it will turn up when hubby is at work! 

10. You'll do a happy dance when a new design is available in your favourite 
brand, any brand! One more won't hurt. 
Baby mustn't be behind in cloth fashion

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