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Our journey back to cloth

Whilst we were in the process of moving and living at Jon's parents I stopped using our cloth nappies, but now we are settled in the new house and Ru's room is nearly unpacked and all his stash is now out on show we have gone back to using cloth.

I love it even more now we are back in the land of the cloth and I have officially caught the fluff bug once again.
It's also much easier now he's bigger, as it was a bit fiddly when he was small.
Nothing looks cuter on chubby legs than a funky nappy!!! 
It was Real Nappy Week last week and .babipur have some great offers on cloth, so I had to buy some new ones, it would be wrong not too .....

My first Close Popins so I'm looking forward to trying it out and hoping it works well so I can use it as a nighttime nappy with the extra booster. As currently  Still using disposables as I haven't found a nappy that hasn't leaked during the night! 

This is Ru's stash and I can see that growing! 

Monsters Love Underpants! - Book Review

We were sent the monsterrific book - Monsters Love Underpants. Written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort 
The boys were very excited to have this land on our doorstep, we have read most of the other panty books such as Aliens love Underpants, Aliens love Panta Claus and Dinosaurs love Underpants.

Anything to do with monsters the boys love, so when it came to reading this at bedtime they shot upstairs and got ready to listen.
You'll never look at monsters in the same way, scary don't be silly not when they dance around in underpants.

The illustrations captured them from the moment we opened the book. They are bright, vivid and sure to make your little one giggle. 
The twins found this monster the funniest one by far, they giggled themselves silly at his dropped down pants!

This book is guaranteed to be a big hit with your little ones and completely change their views on monsters!   
You can buy Monsters Love Underpants  on

I'm looking for a sponsor for Britmums Live 2015

I may have left it too late, but I'm going to give it a try anyway.
I have been blogging for nearly a whole year now and feel my blog has come on in leaps and bounds.  Going to Britmums live will give me the extra help I need to really get my blog off the ground. I'm still a complete newbie and I'm really willing to learn so that I can make my blog more professional.

What I'm asking for:  Two day ticket to the event that cost £98.03
What I'll be offering in return: I'll be your “blogger on the ground” at the event 
I'll introduce you in a blogpost, either as a competition, review or just an advertisement.
I will promote you on all my social network sites ... Instagram, google+, twitter and facebook on the lead up to the event and throughout the event.
I will wear branded clothes, if wanted.
I Will have your logo printed onto my business cards.
Display your logo on my blog for a whole year.

If you feel we could work together please get in touch…

Claessens'kids Kid Sleep Moon - Review

I was sent the Kid Sleep Moon by the lovely people over at Claessen'Kids to review.
The twins are good at sleeping, but they do have issues with winding down and waking up a little bit too early ...... especially in the summer when the mornings are much lighter.

What comes in the Kid Sleep Moon box? -
* One clock * Two clock faces, one with a day and night scene and one with just a night scene so you can use that for younger babies as a nightlight. * An instruction booklet  * A plug.  You can also use batteries to power the clock instead of using a plug socket.

The Kid Sleep Moon has
4 choices of lullaby4 choices of alarm + silent mode4 levels of brightnessFull face traditional nightlightSmart Sunset “go to sleep” functionSmart Moonset “Wake up process”3 settings nighttime/nap + weekendAnimated LCD screenEasy setting menu
Setting the clock up couldn't be any easier, you set the clock with the correct time and then decide when you want the wake up alarm to go off, once you have done …

Wordless Wednesday - on a Tuesday!

This week I have mostly been taking pictures of Ru! We've gone back to cloth after our break. The house is in order and all his nappies are out of boxes!

Ru bear turned one!!!

My gorgeous little man turned one! Can you believe it?  No?! Nor can I.

He woke up extra early so I took him back to bed with me and he slept till 8! Once we all came downstairs, the twins spotted the pressies and decided it was their birthday and weren't impressed that it was Rupert's and the presents were all for his.

We didn't go mad buying him presents, as he doesn't need for much.
We bought him A fire engine from the early learning centre, some Gruffalo pjs from sainsbury's and some poco nido shoes from daisy chain boutique. 

We had a drive around the island 

and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden enjoying the sun.

As a birthday dinner I made the boys a homemade curry.

Sunday was tea party day. We had my parents, Jon's parents, my aunt and uncle and my cousins and our neighbours from across the road round to celebrate with us. 

I didn't take too many photos as it was rather mad with lots of people in the house. The kids all loved having my cousins h…

Twin love

There really is no bond stronger than twin love <3 

Save the Children's new campaign ..... Den Day

Jon came home last night and excitedly told me he'd signed the boys and us up to Save the Children's new campaign #DenDay. Once he told me all about it, I thought what a brilliant idea and wanted to share it will all of you.
Everyone loves building dens kids and ever big kids! You can tune in with your child's imagination and teach them as you build! 
Whilst you're  having fun you can also be raising money for such a worthy cause!So why not join in the fun, here's all the info you'll need..... 
UNITED KING”DEN”: YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!Build a better world with Save the Children’s most fun campaign to date

Save the Children is launching Den Day, a super-fun family fundraiser which invites the British public to pick a date between 29th May and 6thJune to unleash their imaginations and build their ultimate den.   Den Day gives everybody an opportunity to get creative for a good cause; by getting sponsored to spend a day or night in their den, families can raise money …

Top five holiday destination for a 7 year old...

Noah was telling me all the places he wants to go on holiday and it made think, that would be a great blogpost!!
His number one is probably the same as many many kids worldwide .....
1. Disney world 

2. New York (he's got a strange thing for New York at the moment, so much so I've had to buy him a New York landscape canvas for his bedroom 

3. Legoland Windsor..... Every Lego fan's dream! 

4. Bluestone ... As he liked it so much when we went a few weeks ago 

5. Italy, as that's where his best friend goes on holiday and apparently you can get beaver whistles there 😳

If your child could pick where they went on holiday, where would it be?