Tuesday 7 April 2015

What we got up to over the Easter weekend.

On Friday we made the most of Jon being home and got on with unboxing more boxes and our new bed turned up :)
No more camping on the floor!!

I'm very in love with it!!!
Super king beds are the way forward!!!

On the Saturday we found our way to the beach.

On Easter Sunday my parents and brother came round for lunch. Jon cooked a great roast beef which everyone enjoyed. 
We had a egg hunt and lots of chocolate was enjoyed (In all the fun I forgot to take pictures!)

I tried to get a cute Easter picture of Ru but completely failed!

After lunch we took everyone for a walk on the beach. The sun was out and the beach looked amazing!!

The best of all was all the treasure we found! 

I wore turn up jeans and a white folk top from Next

On Easter Monday, we headed to Jons parents but along the way we dropped off Ray with my dad, as Jon's dad isn't too keen on dogs and we didn't want to leave him alone all day!
He had a nice time and spent most of the day in the garden watching my dad doing the gardening. He also got taken on a nice long walk.

Jon's mum had set up a treasure hunt for the boys, they really enjoyed hunting around the garden for their special items, once they were all found they were rewarded with a yummy Easter egg!!

I wore my Joules dress :)

I left both my camera and phone at home so didn't capture any pictures of the day.
Very annoying!

I hope you all had a great Easter x

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