Wednesday 1 April 2015

Ray - his story so far .....

We adopted Ray from Jodie's Cyrus Dog Rehoming you can also find them on facebook here.

They do such amazing work and work so hard at what they do. They are all so committed to finding these beautiful dogs a great home!!
A bit about the rescue centre - 

Jodie’s parents relocated to Cyprus and began finding and rescuing stray dogs, they found homes for them and covered the costs of flights and vaccinations to the uk themselves, spending hundreds…. After some time from working as a dog groomer Jodie’s mum starting working with pounds and various other dog rescuing organisations. 
From Jan 2013 Jodie decided to set up a Facebook page and help to bring dogs to the uk to find homes as the pounds and rescue centres are just full to the brim in Cyprus and finding homes for the dogs over there is so difficult.
Many dogs are either abandoned or cruelly treated, if the dogs have been used for hunting then they can either get shot in the process, due to lack of training or left behind in the mountains/wasteland to die. Most of these dogs can become severely emaciated and in a really desperate state.
No animals deserve this treatment….. Jodies Cyprus Dogs was set up to help rehome deserving dogs.

We rely on Donations and fundraising to help us pay for vacinations, passports and flights. Its costs between £300- £400 to get a dog to the UK. We charge a rehoming fee of £250 towards these costs.

To get in touch, or donate you can contact Jodie Lane on 07891604156

Ray was found on the hard shoulder of a motorway all skin and bones, the guys over in Cyprus sent him over to England and he was then fostered by a lovely lady called Jessica, we saw his picture pop up on Facebook and just had to give him his forever home!!

We weren't planning to get a dog so soon but it was on our minds that in the long run we wanted to add a dog to our family. We saw his gorgeous face and both decided he was the one and the fact he was good with kids cemented the deal!!! 

We have done the right thing and Ray is proving to be the perfect dog, he is so laid back and happy to have the boys be crazy around him, he usually just looks at them and goes back to sleep.

Ru has decided he's a dog and is constantly trying to steal Ray's chew toys or his bed.
Ray thinks he's a baby and is constantly trying to get on my lap when I'm cuddling with one of the boys and try's to join in.

He's already truly spoilt, we allow him to lay in the sofa and last night he even slept at the bottom of the bed, which Jon loved but my poor legs had to be in a funny position just to accommodate him on my side. I'm also sure at some point through the night the cat was asleep on me too.
Ru slept the whole night in his travel cot so that was one less baby I had to share my tiny space with!

Ray loves cuddles, walks, peanut butter stuffed kong balls, ham, sleeping.

His dislikes the dark and rain, I also think he dislikes water as at bath time he won't come anywhere near the bathroom.

I have Jessica and Jodie both on my facebook, if I need to ask something about Ray I can and they are both more than happy to help.

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