Tuesday 7 April 2015

Time for cake!

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During the Easter Holidays we always have a few days of not doing anything.
So i thought I would make a boring day more exciting by doing a cake lunch for the boys.

The boys do sure love cake so I knew it would go down well! 

I made full use of all the yummy Mr Kipling cakes I was sent 

Alex decided his first would be the chocolate French Fancy
Noah and Oscar went for the Cherry Bakewells first 

Ru enjoyed half of a Viennese wheel

I even got to grab My all time favourite the pink French Fancy before my little cake monsters gobbled them all up. 

Having the cakes at lunch time, made it that much more exciting and being allowed more than one made it the "best lunch ever"

Poor Ray sat next to us giving me puppy eyes, but this mummy doesn't share cakes with doggys, I rarely share my cakes with the kids, because .... Well put it this way ' I luuuuuuuuuurve the cake!!! '

Cakes can always work their magic and turn a dull day into a happy day!! 

Life is #betterwithcake 

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