Thursday 16 April 2015

Pooch and Mutt - Calm and Relaxed dog food review

We've only had Ray a month, but in that month we've noticed that he has a very sensitive tummy and if the food doesn't agree with him the smells he makes can clear a room in seconds and make you not want to re enter without a gas mask! 

The lovely people over at Pooch and Mutt asked if I would like to review a pack of their Calm and Relaxed dog food. I said yes as I'd previously ordered Ray the Calm and Relaxed dog treats and Ray was enjoying them. They are also making his recall training much more rewarding for him. 

‘Calm & Relaxed’ is a premium grain free, complete dried dog food for dogs that tend to be anxious or excitable.
Made with lean, L-tryptophan rich British turkey, sweet potato and b-vitamins as a digestion-aiding fibre, chamomile – the traditional relaxing aid, brewer’s yeast, and probiotics and prebiotics to help aid digestion, which can be a cause of stress.
All of Pooch and Mutts dog food is free from artificial flavours, colourings and preservatives. 
Ray was a stray in Cyprus so settling into family life is strange for him and he gets really anxious around new people and getting into the car, since being on Calm and Relaxed his anxiety levels seem to be going down and he's becoming more chilled out. 
One massive difference I have noticed since he's been on Calm and Relaxed is his once offending bottom burps are no more, we no longer need to run for gas masks. His stools are also much better as before they were soft and runny.
At £13.99 it is more expensive than most brands you can buy at your local supermarket but I believe it's worth the extra money knowing he's enjoying it and that its doing him good! 

Ray always used to leave most of his food but now he gobbles it up and leaves nothing! I think that speaks for it's self!

Ray shall be staying a Pooch and Mutt dog.
More treats and food have been ordered! 

Pooch and Mutt also have a range of doggy supplements. Why not go and check out their website yourself .....

*** I was sent the product for free in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own***

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