Monday 6 April 2015

Interview with Saskia Gregory about her 'your other baby' programme!

Have you ever wanted to set up your own business but were stuck with how to go about it??

Well look no further Saskia has it covered!!

Saskia is offering 10 lucky mums to have the opportunity to take part in her 9 week programme. 

I had the chance to do an interview with lovely Saskia to find out more about this fantastic opportunity: 

 How long have you had your own business?
I started picking up writing briefs online while I was in uni and by the time I had graduated I was doing it full-time. Last year I’d been working for myself for 7 years and I realised that while I am so grateful for the flexibility and freedom I have, I wanted to do something more fulfilling – and helping other mummy’s gain that flexibility and get to use their passions beyond parenthood really excited me.

What makes you think that 'your other baby' programme is going to be a successes? 
My deep wish to make it a success! I truly want to help ladies in a huge way, to build the business of their dreams and get that support that is going to make the process as swift and as enjoyable as possible. I spent most of my copywriting career going it alone, and I know that there’s a lot I learnt which I can share to help people bypass my mistakes and help them create something they’re really proud of. 

How will the mums that sign up be helped by you?
Over the course of 9 weeks they are going to be guided week-by-week on how to launch an online business that has a really confident foundation. One that is rooted in who they are, their unique skills and experiences, and what lifestyle they wish to achieve.

Each week a new module will be uploaded to a private website which is going to include videos, audios, workbooks, action step checklist (all beautifully designed) and there is going to be a weekly group call where the ladies on the group can ask me anything and we’ll work through their current obstacles and what they need to do next. 

They will also have access to a private FB group where they can connect with the other ladies on the group where they can really connect and motivate each other, and ask me for any other advice during the week.

What made you decide you wanted to help other mums set up their own business? 
I know working from home is not something that every mum desires to do. But the thought of those ladies who really do want to create their own thing, and not knowing how to go about it, or knowing bits and pieces but finding the whole process completely overwhelming, really unsettles me. I just know it’s a cause I can help with.

I especially connect with those mums who, while their children are their absolute world, feel they have something else to give the world and have big dreams for their future and really don’t want to wait any longer to make them happen.

There are lots off set your own business websites out there, what makes yours different? 
I guess the biggest thing is… me! I know there are other ambitious mothers out there who don’t necessarily share all their big dreams with their friends and family, for fear of what they might think, but if they’re ready to build that business and start claiming the flexibility, fulfilment, and income they want – I’m not going to laugh, I’m going to help them get there.

Plus, a lot of group coaching programmes simply offer a group telephone call each week, but I will be providing lots of actionable workbooks and resources that will help people get things done as well as that personalised feedback on their progress. And I’ve priced the programme so that it’s only for those who really are dedicated to building their business now, so it won’t be a case of ‘buying it and letting life get in the way’. Signing-up to this course is confirmation that – you’re making it happen!

Can you talk us through the course?
As I say, the programme is 9 weeks long and is going to help build a really confident foundation for the future of your business. It’s going to help you get really clear on what you want to achieve, your income goals, your target market. It’s going to walk you through having your own website, the best social media strategies for your business, how to write sales copy that connect and sells, how to find clients… the works.

What are the fees? 
The programme is £3000. For those who think it sounds perfect for them but really can’t find the investment at the moment, I’m offering one scholarship place to the right ambitious mama. Ladies can email me for more info.

Can you tell us a bit about benefits and outcomes of 'your other baby' programme? 

Hopefully I’ve covered the benefits already. Outcomes include: having a clear personal brand, having a deep understanding of your target market, having a website and relevant social media channels set-up, having sales funnels in place, having your services package and priced to match your income goals and what your target market really wants, having a marketing plan and, hopefully by the end, having paying clients!

How can people who are interested in signing up can get it to know how you work? 

You can find out more about me  on my website and for those interested, I encourage you to get in touch and arrange a chat so we can see if you’d be a good fit for the programme. Absolutely no pressure to commit, I’d just love to answer any questions you have. 

There is going to be a maximum of 10 ladies in the group, so it’s best for all of us if everyone is the ideal fit, so definitely no hard sell from me.

I’m also doing limited time audios each week on various online business topics, this week it’s about ‘How To Start Putting Yourself Out There As AnExpert, Without Feeling Like A Fraud’ which you can   download or stream now until April 8th – when a new topic will be uploaded.

After the programme has finished will you stay in touch with the mums to keep giving advice if needed?

They’ll have access to the programme materials for 6 months after sign-up and the Facebook group will remain open for further support from me and the other ladies.

Now I think I have the programme covered why don't we talk a little bit about your gorgeous son!

How old is your little one?
My son Diggory is now 18 months old. I can’t quite get over how someone so tiny can have such a strong personality!

What's the funniest thing Diggory has done lately? 
He loves to sing and has impeccable timing. We were in a restaurant and he suddenly started Oooh’ing along to George Ezra. Adorable.

Oh I love George Ezra, we have him on in the car and all the boys love him!

What do you find the hardest part about being a mummy? 
The hardest part has got to be never knowing if you’re doing a good job. I think the fact Diggory is healthy and happy is a pretty good sign though.

What is your favourite part about being a mum and a business woman?
I don’t think it was something my parents ever tried to intentionally teach me, but I have always assumed I would make my own living. I love providing for my family and being in business allows me to use a side of my creativity I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. When it comes to being a mum, I just love to watch my son being himself, so innocent and full of joy – and when he calls me ‘Mummy’ I still can’t believe I get that honour!

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