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Our Garden in Bloom

Thankfully the weather has been amazing during the lockdown, so we've been spending a lot of time in the garden. I don't normally tend to do much in the garden as it's usually Jons domain but this year I've decided to really get stuck in, the tulip bulbs that I planted last year in a bid to do something came back to life at the start of lockdown and they really encouraged me to get out and get muddy again.

Jon has always been a keen gardener and when we moved to Norfolk one of the first things he bought were his polytunnels!  He is definitely green-thumbed, Last year due to our breakdown in our marriage nothing much was done and he didn't grow any veg, only what sprouted from the old compost that he chucked in one of the polytunnels and the house was on the market we turned the garden back into just grass mainly to help it appeal to more people.
This year with us working on our relationship and the house no longer on the market, Jon has been back in the tunnels, b…

- Exploring where we live -

We have lived in Heacham coming on four years now and still haven't really adventured off the beaten track and we usually jump in the car to go to Wolferton for our usual woodland walks, but with only using the car for essential travel I took to the internet to see what was about locally and within walking distance and surprisingly there is a place just down the road called the Millenium Woods and I've even driven right by the entrance and still didn't know it existed.

So after a week of just staying in the house and using the garden to play in, I decided it was time to head off for a little adventure, rather than visit the ducks we'd walk the other way and find this mini woodland and its famous cockerel.

Ru was giving an explorers kit for his birthday, so he packed that up and was determined to find some creepy crawlies but unfortunately all we found was one dead worm, far too many bees and wasps for his liking and half a dead mouse. So we're going to have anothe…

Birthday in Lockdown.

Today was Ru-Bears 6th birthday, at the start of the year, he told us how he wanted to spend his birthday either at Roar or Banham zoo as well as going swimming at our local leisure centre. But as Covid-19 took hold of the world his plans had to be put on hold.

He was pretty worried he wouldn't have a birthday and he'd have no presents from his family, but after some reassurance he let his worries slide and started looking forward to his birthday even though he wasn't actually keen on turning 6 and really just wanted to stay 5 forever.

The night before his birthday he warned everyone we would be getting up at 3am, which we told him wasn't happening but it did actually happen. I managed to keep him in bed with me till about 5.30 / 6 ish and by that time we had to get up as he just wasn't going back to sleep.
He ran downstairs shouting it's my birthday loud enough to wake the others along with the whole street into the kitchen where he found his teepee stuffed w…


Award-winning animated musical comedy series from New Zealand launches on CBeebies on Monday 27 April 2020

Kiri and Lou– the award-winning stop motion preschool series premiere's on CBeebies on Monday 27 April 2020, airing at 9.10am weekdays (with episodes available on BBC iPlayer).
Kiri and Loufollows the friendship between Kiri, a lively little dinosaur and a thoughtful creature named Lou and helps young children learn about their emotions through everyday childhood dilemmas such as accidentally hurting someone’s feelings, loneliness, learning to share, empathy, impatience and being inclusive.
Original and imaginative, Kiri and Louhas been described as ‘a pick me up’ with its warmth and humour making it a real favourite among parents, grandparents and audiences of all ages.
Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, What We Do In The Shadows, Moana, Rio, Men In Black 3voices Lou while Olivia Tennet (Lord of the Rings) voices Kiri. 

Hand-crafted in paper and clay and created using tr…

- Lockdown Diaries -

I thought I would share a little post on what we have been up to during the lockdown so far.

We joined in with painting rainbows for our windows, for people to spot on their daily walks. Ru really loved getting creative with his paints and ended up doing all sorts of designs that we now have up on display, he's also posted a couple to his friends and grandparents.

Home learning has been a bit of hit and miss recently, it all started off really well and they were all very excited to be learning from home, but that soon wore off.  The twins and Ru are easier to keep focused by using print offs from which I have been using a lot but Noah is a different story.  We get sent 10 or more texts a day from his homework app to say he's been set more work or he has work due in, some of which he has no idea how to do and others his passwords no longer work for him to be able to log into the websites he needs to get on.  So we are doing what we can and I am trying to find him ot…