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Award-winning animated musical comedy series from New Zealand launches on CBeebies on Monday 27 April 2020
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Kiri and Lou– the award-winning stop motion preschool series premiere's on CBeebies on Monday 27 April 2020, airing at 9.10am weekdays (with episodes available on BBC iPlayer).

Kiri and Lou follows the friendship between Kiri, a lively little dinosaur and a thoughtful creature named Lou and helps young children learn about their emotions through everyday childhood dilemmas such as accidentally hurting someone’s feelings, loneliness, learning to share, empathy, impatience and being inclusive.

Original and imaginative, Kiri and Lou has been described as ‘a pick me up’ with its warmth and humour making it a real favourite among parents, grandparents and audiences of all ages.

Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, What We Do In The Shadows, Moana, Rio, Men In Black 3voices Lou while Olivia Tennet (Lord of the Rings) voices Kiri. 

Hand-crafted in paper and clay and created using traditional stop motion animation from Antony Elworthy (Coraline, Corpse Bride and Isle of Dogs), this 52 x 5-minute series is written and directed by feature film director Harry Sinclair with music by Don McGlashan (The Front Lawn) and produced by Fiona Copland for Stretchy and Heather Walker of Yowza Animation (Curious George, Welcome To the Wayne).

Kiri and Lou successfully aired on commissioning broadcasters TVNZ in New Zealand and CBC in Canada. The series won a Cynopsis Best of the Best Award as well as being selected for screening at the Annecy Festival in 2019, the New York International Children’s Film Festival 2020 and most recently, as a finalist at this year’s Prix Jeunesse International. 

Programme Synopsis:

In a forest of cut out paper and with creatures made of clay, Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur with overpowering emotions and Lou, a gentle and thoughtful creature, may seem unlikely best friends. Joined by motherly Pania, sensitive Dalvanius and Sorry, a small but extremely fast little animal who cares about everyone’s feelings, Kiri and Lou invites children to learn about kindness, empathy and how to get along, as together they navigate a world of feelings with laughter, song and adventure. 

Join the conversation:

“Doctors should prescribe 5 minutes of Kiri and Lou a day. JEREMY WELLS and HILLARY BARRY, TVNZ 17 April 2020

“Raising thoughtful, kind children is a tough gig and adults need all the help they can get. Kiri and Lou is educational TV for emotional literacy and we all need more of that. THE SPINOFF

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