Thursday 30 April 2020

Our Garden in Bloom

Thankfully the weather has been amazing during the lockdown, so we've been spending a lot of time in the garden.
I don't normally tend to do much in the garden as it's usually Jons domain but this year I've decided to really get stuck in, the tulip bulbs that I planted last year in a bid to do something came back to life at the start of lockdown and they really encouraged me to get out and get muddy again.

Jon has always been a keen gardener and when we moved to Norfolk one of the first things he bought were his polytunnels! 
He is definitely green-thumbed, Last year due to our breakdown in our marriage nothing much was done and he didn't grow any veg, only what sprouted from the old compost that he chucked in one of the polytunnels and the house was on the market we turned the garden back into just grass mainly to help it appeal to more people.

This year with us working on our relationship and the house no longer on the market, Jon has been back in the tunnels, but with the lockdown on I have been helping out making sure nothing gets ruined whilst he's not around.

The boys are enjoying helping out planting up new vegetables.

Here's a list of all the vegetables we are currently growing in both the tunnels and in a veg bed outside in the garden.

Savoy cabbage,
Red cabbage,
Bell Peppers,
Hot Peppers,
Winter squash, 
Giant pumpkins,
Rainbow Chard,
Sage, Basil, Rocket, Spearmint, Dill and Wild Garlic.

We've planted extra this year as we're really hoping to be able to keep ourselves fed just from our gardens.
I'm a vegetarian so I could happily live on what's in the garden, the boys are all meat eaters but also enjoy their veggies minus Rupert who will only eat an apple once a month.
Luckily for him, we also have three apple trees in the garden. So maybe he'll be eating more of them by the end of the summer.

Indie keeping me company whilst I pot up new seeds.
My tulips and my climbing Rosebush

Apple blossom

I love walking around the garden and seeing new flowers opening up, one of my favourites is the pink clematis that we bought on a whim from Wilkos a year ago, this year it's really taken off and it's starting to cover some the fence nicely.

Baby lavender plugs planted up.

I love lavender so Jon bought me lots of baby lavender plugs, which myself and the boys all potted up and popped in the polytunnel to keep it safe until it's big enough to place outside.

We had lots of dandelions in the garden so we picked them all and tried to make dandelion honey, but it didn't turn out quite right, so I'm waiting for more to grow and then ill have another go.

The boys enjoying the weather.

Tulip bed

The wildflower part of the garden 

Along with doing more gardening, I spruced up our old garden bench with 3 coats of sage fence paint, and it really made it look good as new, though if you were to ask the boys what colour it was before they'd have no idea.
Noah only recently spotted the apple tree in front of the first polytunnel the other day, and it's was one of the first things we planted in the garden 3 years ago!

Planting up the sunflowers.

New flower seeds that arrived yesterday.

I love being able to pop out and grab some fresh herbs from the garden, I do the same with the lavender, sometimes the herbs are used for cooking other times they are used for herbal uses.

Onions sprouting.

I have found myself spending most of my free time just sat in the garden enjoying the peace.

I can no say I'm not just an indoor plant kinda lady, but I fully enjoy getting mucky in the garden!

The boys having lunch on the newly painted garden bench.

Are you enjoying your garden more during the lockdown?

xxx Stay Safe xxx


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