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Pamper Evening

Yesterday I went a on a bit of a cleaning frenzy!
I decluttered,  Washed all the sheets, Alex's duvet, Made cushion covers, Cleaned all the doors,  Gave all the boys new bits and bobs homes.
So after doing all that I was feeling a tad grimey and thinking a very much needed pamper evening was called for! 
Before I ran my bath I washed my hair with my new favourite shampoo Schwarzkopf shampoo Gliss - only £1 a bottle but it has worked wonders for my damaged hair!  Then I massaged in my Aussie Hair -3 minute miracle reconstructorconditioner and left that in for the whole of my bath then washed it out! My face was feeling pretty frightful so I used a Nivea nourishing Honey Mask to help give it back some oomph!  

For my bath I picked a Luxury Pud BathBomb from my Lush basket.

The day stress just floated away. You really can't beat a Lush bath! 
To finish off, I lathered on the Nivea body moisturising lotion and lavender & Tea Tree face cream from I tre…

4 Boys and a Empty Park

.....Is just heaven, specially after spending a few days inside on sugar and present highs! 
Yesterday we had no plans so I took the boys off to the local park! 

Just as we got their a bunch of teens were coming out which was lucky as it meant we had the park to ourselves. 

Oscar and Ru enjoyed the swings, ale. And Noah had fun on the roundabout and they all ran around like crazy whilst I froze my bottom off. It was lovely and sunny when we headed out but as the time past it because rather over cast and chilly!

The boys are all out doorsy types so it didn't put them off, they were quite happy to stay and play in the rain.
Ru's a big fan of puddles so every puddle  On the way home we had to stop and splash in everyone.
Getting them all out of the house worked wonders as once home we had a nice warm lunch of TMNT pasta shapes on toast and then settled down to watch Big Hero 6. 
I didn't do much house work yesterday, I had planned too but taking the boys out took priority.  Of course t…

December Makes & Bakes

This month I decided to be a little bit more creative.I put Pinterest to use and found some fun ideas that I knew the boys would love and I'd enjoying making!
I'll start with the foodie bits first : 

• Mince pies - first time making and first time tasting!  •Strawberry Santa's with cream • Rice Krispie Christmas Puddings bites • Santa Star biscuits 
I really enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and the boys loved eating the end creations. Something I'll keep up in the coming months! 
The last few days before Christmas I realised we hadn't got any presents for the extra members of the family that we were going to be seeing, so Pinterest to the rescue again and I made some.... Homemade Clay Bunting!!!

They were really easy to make and everyone loved them! I'm thinking about making myself some as I really love them. All you need is  • Cornflour • PVA glue  • Cookie cutter • String • Red pencil or pen!
I'll do a full blog post on them once I've made them again!! 
As a Chr…

Christmas, Bank Holiday Monday and New Year.

Christmas is over and now everyone is looking forward to the new year!
New beginnings, New Years resolutions, Diets.... You name it they all get started in the new year! 

I'm not planning on setting solid resolutions this year, as I always seem to fail a week later, but I'm going to write a list of things I'd like to achieve by next year!
Such as : I would like my long hair back - so I've bought some Biotin hair growth vitamins after reading some great reviews.  I'd like to become a bit more active, maybe try and do those 10,000 magical steps a day. Beat my depression and slowly come off my medication (all subject to terms and conditions)  Pamper myself a more, get myself back to being a well oiled machine! Give Crochet another go. Have more fun and stop stressing so much!
What are your goals for the coming year?
Christmas was fun but it was also extremely stressful. Ru doesn't seem to cope too well out of his environment and isn't a far of too much craziness.  So he cried…

Our Christmas So Far.....

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas!
I don't usually post too much around Christmas as I take the time to enjoy my family rather than stress about getting the perfect picture and get the blog up and blah blah. But seeing as it's not even 7o'clock and its only me and Ru up, I thought I'd quickly pop on and do a festive update. 

We came to Jon's parents on the 23rd so we could be here and have a mini Christmas morning on Christmas Eve as Jon's sister was unable to stay till Christmas Day. The boys loved seeing their cousin Sam and spending some time with him.
We had special Christmas Eve presents after dinner - Christmas pyjamas, Slipper socks? Special cups with festive pictures on, Dashing Santa bathbomb from Lush, And a Christmas activitie pack. 
I gave Jon's sister Sam's so he could open them once he got back home.
The boys all had a magical time yesterday and Santa utterly spoilt them. Favourite presents of the day were probably ::
Ru - Mr Tumbles Spotty …


Don’t miss the highly anticipated Christmas special, ‘Down Town Babby’, from Ella’s Kitchen®brand, as part of its festive partnership with Save the ChildrenA comical Christmas film with a cast of the tiniest aristocrats and even featuring Tess the dog!
Spreading smiles this Christmas, leading kids’ food brand, Ella’s Kitchen, has released its ownfestive special – ‘Down Town Babby’ - packed with family fun and drama and in support of children’s charity, Save the Children

The exclusive film has been created to celebrate Ella’s Kitchen’s partnership with Save the Children where 30p from the sale of each jingle belly Christmas Dinner pouch will be donated to Save the Children’s award–winning Families and Schools Together programme  (FAST).

Taking place on Christmas day, ‘Down Town Babby’ sees the Crawling family face the prospect of no Christmas dinner thanks to a cold oven and forgetful characters. Cue much alarm and all hands on deck to rescue the day! Will they be able to enjoy Christmas…

Christmas Cleaning with Dettol!

I've said before how I like keeping the house clean with Dettol. Nothing really comes close at keeping the house sparkling and germs away more than Dettol does.
When it comes to Christmas the house can quickly become rather messy and teeming with germs! 
With all those visitors popping over, The kids wiping their sticky hands everywhere. Christmas dinner prep, Christmas baking, The bugs people are so very kindly sharing, The list is endless.
So Dettol have come up with this  handy Christmas cleaning guide to keep the house clean and germs at bay! 

Clean- Keyboards, door handles and chopping boards are among the most germ ridden items in the home. Give all surfaces a clean before guests arrive - anti-bacterial wipes will save time and give you peace of mind. Hands – Christmas can be a busy time from answering the door to carving the Turkey, it is easy to forget to keep hands clean. Using an anti-bacterial hand wash will help keep hands bacteria free.   Reduce – Reduce the risk of spreading g…

The boy who started it all.....

My baby turned 8 yesterday! 8 that's just crazy.
So much has happened in those 8 years, we've moved 6 times, we went from being a twosome to a threesome and then very quickly to a fivesome then finally on to a family of 6! 
Noah has been great throughout. He's had his ups and downs and that's completely understandable.
Noah coming along when he did was a silver lining, I was heading down a path of destruction and he changed all that and gave me a purpose! 

He had a great birthday and said it was the best day ever!  He received some lovely pressies, Minecraft story mode, Minecraft creeper backpack, Minecraft Lego farm and the snow one  Star Wars Lego, Minecraft nightlight, Enough money to buy himself Lego dimensions for the ps4. (That's if he doesn't get it for Christmas!)
He had a McDonalds for his dinner and then we played Zelda Monopoly once the little ones went to bed and snacked on popcorn! 
Today we came to my mums and Noah had two of his best friends over and he's …

Rice Krispie Christmas Pudding Bites

Today I decided to do some more Christmas baking, plus being Noah's birthday it made sense to make something yummy!!!
I saw this recipe on the Morrisons website and thought they looked AMAZING!

What you'll need::
100g mars bars 1tbsp Single cream  1tsp Coco powder 75g Rice Krispies 50g White choc 12 red smarties  Muffin trays  Sunflower oil spray!
Melt the mars bars, cream and coco powder, then add the Rice Krispies. Pop in the fridge for two hours. Then melt the White chocolate, spread over the Rice Krispie bites and add the smarties! Pop back in the fridge until the white chocolate sets!

My first attempt at a video ..... It's completely missing an ending so I'm sorry for that! 

30 really isnt as dreadful as you think!

So yesterday I turned the grand old age of 30!! To say I was dreading it would be an understatement. The reality of turning 30 really isn't as dreadful as you think its going to be! 30 is the new 20!

Ru was ready to party at 4am and that was very closely followed by Noah who decided it was a good day to be sick!
Jon and the twins joined us around 7 ish and they bought my presents and cards along with my morning coffee.
I'm over the moon with what I was given! A lot of it was from my My 30th birthday wishlist  post. Plus some lovely surprises and a AMAZING cake!!!

My parents sent me a lovely balloon bouquet which made all the mini beasts very jealous of so I had to take them upstairs so they wouldn't keep crying about them. I pretty much did a Carlton Banks happy dance when I unwrapped my Selfish Mother top. I've wanted one for a while but the one I wanted has always been out of stock, Jon's sister was obviously had luck on her side when she got it for me :)
I took…

A Christmas gift guide for pet lovers and their pets

Are you a crazy pet lover? Or know someone who is? Stuck for what to get them for Christmas? Well look no further! 
I decided to do this post as i was browsing the web for things to get Ray, it's his first ever Christmas in the UK and with us so I really wanted to spoil him! Also it wouldn't be fair to leave Indie out come Christmas either!
I came across some lovely bits and thought it might be helpful for others who are on the hunt for similar things.
The first gift ideas are from
I'm really loving  the The Bright Side tins and pet bowls!
I was very kindly sent some samples -   This lovely tea towel is by Fritz and Dina. Its super soft and very stylish! The Bright Side cat bowl is just perfect for Indie as she really is queen bee of the household!

For the dog walker and dogs in your family you should really check out - our-range - DOOG my favourite's are:
These beautiful Beaded Leather Collars  from Simba Jones are just fantastic …

Wicked Uncle - The Home Of Brilliant Children's Presents!

I was lucky enough to win a chance to review Wicked Uncle over on Twitter. 
The prize was £40 to spend and then in return for that review the website on the blog!
Keep reading to find out what I made of The Worlds Best E-Toy Shop!

You are greeted with an easy to navigate page .... 
You simply pick boy/girl/unisex then the age of the child you are looking for and then BOOM a beautiful list of fantastic toys appears!

You can either go by age or you can go by interest! Adventurer, Brainiac, Outdoorsy, Creativity and so on! 
They aren't your typical toy shop categories which is what makes Wicked Uncle really stand out on its own!
The only thing I found tricky about the Wicked Uncle website was what to pick!!!! I literally spent the whole day going through all the categories and looking through the girl toys, then the boy toys. Then trying to decide who I was going to buy for. 
In the end Ru-Bear was the lucky one. I fell in love with the two toys that I picked for him and I kept going ba…

Santa Claus and The Night Before Christmas **Review**

It’s Christmas Eve and whilst most children are hanging up their stockings, there are a few boys and girls who are not! They don’t believe in Santa and with Christmas morning fast approaching cheeky elves Charlie and Kara must help Santa prove that he is indeed real! With magic tricks, songs and stories, can they make them believe before it’s time to board Santa’s sleigh and deliver the presents?
Photo Credit Craig Sugden
An ideal introduction to theatre, this interactive show is a must-see over the festive season. A truly unforgettable experience which includes bubbles and the magical moment when snowflakes fall over the audience – a guaranteed white Christmas at every show!
As an added Christmas treat, all of the good boys and girls in the audience will meet Santa after the show and receive a special present of their own.So don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the magical moment when your little ones meet Santa Claus for the very first time.

I was very kindly gifted some press…

Ten top tips for keeping your children's mobiles safe!!

If you are buying your child their own phone or tablet for Christmas it's a good idea you make sure to go through this top ten safety check list to help keep them and their phones safe!A recent TLF Panel survey found that four in five parents believe technology and gadgets are good for kids, aiding in their development. The study also revealed that 38 percent of children between two and five years old own an Android tablet and 32 percent own an iPad; almost a third (32 percent) of these kids also have a mobile phone.We know that everyone loves their mobile device. It helps them stay connected to friends and family, provides hours of entertainment, can help with homework and can even act as our own personal journal, filled with photos, thoughts and plans all in one handy place.Unfortunately, due to their popularity, cyber criminals are now using mobile devices to steal people’s personal information, steal money or even whole identities. With these scary situations becoming increasi…