Monday 14 December 2015

Wicked Uncle - The Home Of Brilliant Children's Presents!

I was lucky enough to win a chance to review Wicked Uncle over on Twitter. 

The prize was £40 to spend and then in return for that review the website on the blog!

Keep reading to find out what I made of The Worlds Best E-Toy Shop!

You are greeted with an easy to navigate page .... 

You simply pick boy/girl/unisex then the age of the child you are looking for and then BOOM a beautiful list of fantastic toys appears!

You can either go by age or you can go by interest!
Creativity and so on! 

They aren't your typical toy shop categories which is what makes Wicked Uncle really stand out on its own!

The only thing I found tricky about the Wicked Uncle website was what to pick!!!!
I literally spent the whole day going through all the categories and looking through the girl toys, then the boy toys.
Then trying to decide who I was going to buy for. 

In the end Ru-Bear was the lucky one.
I fell in love with the two toys that I picked for him and I kept going back to them everytime I went to look at what else was about so obviously they were the clear winners! 

I think the rocket really will just be for me to ahh over just because it's so cool, the magnetic blocks will be great for Ru as he likes holding on to small objects. So these should be a hit with him!

You will find it very very hard to find your average toy shop plastic crap on the Wicked Uncle site!  

Once you have picked the toy of the century you then have the option to have it gift wrapped, not only that but you can pick which wrapping!!!

I'm not sure if it's just me but I found that amazing!!
 As you can see from the pictures I found that too hard to resist and picked a different wrapping for each present.

The gifts are packed with great care and sent out asap! 
My parcel turned up two days after I had checked out. 
Along with the presents it comes with a super dooper thank you postcard!! 
Which can be named and addressed so that the child can send it back to you thanking you for the awesome present you got for them!
I know as a mum I always make promises of sending thank you cards after birthdays and Christmas but it just never happens, life just gets hectic and I forget all about it! 
So these pre written postcards are just a fantastic idea! 

The little touches really really stand out and make Wicked Uncle a website that I'll return to time and time again.
Great prices,
Fantastic choices 
And best of all No plastic tat!!!

So if you still have nieces, nephews, granddaughters, grandsons, God children's, heck even your own children to buy for head over to NOW!!
You really won't regret it!

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