Wednesday 30 December 2015

4 Boys and a Empty Park

.....Is just heaven, specially after spending a few days inside on sugar and present highs! 

Yesterday we had no plans so I took the boys off to the local park! 

Just as we got their a bunch of teens were coming out which was lucky as it meant we had the park to ourselves. 

Oscar and Ru enjoyed the swings, ale. And Noah had fun on the roundabout and they all ran around like crazy whilst I froze my bottom off.
It was lovely and sunny when we headed out but as the time past it because rather over cast and chilly!

The boys are all out doorsy types so it didn't put them off, they were quite happy to stay and play in the rain.

Ru's a big fan of puddles so every puddle 
On the way home we had to stop and splash in everyone.

Getting them all out of the house worked wonders as once home we had a nice warm lunch of TMNT pasta shapes on toast and then settled down to watch Big Hero 6. 

I didn't do much house work yesterday, I had planned too but taking the boys out took priority. 
Of course that came around a bit me on the bum come bed time.
I walked into the twins room and it stank ..... Turned out Alex had seriously wet his bed and all over his duvet and it smelt like an old persons home!

So today my washing machine will be working over time and their room will be having a good air out and a mega deep clean!


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