Thursday 31 December 2015

Pamper Evening

Yesterday I went a on a bit of a cleaning frenzy!
I decluttered, 
Washed all the sheets,
Alex's duvet,
Made cushion covers,
Cleaned all the doors, 
Gave all the boys new bits and bobs homes.

So after doing all that I was feeling a tad grimey and thinking a very much needed pamper evening was called for! 

Before I ran my bath I washed my hair with my new favourite shampoo Schwarzkopf shampoo Gliss  - only £1 a bottle but it has worked wonders for my damaged hair! 
Then I massaged in my Aussie Hair -3 minute miracle reconstructor conditioner and left that in for the whole of my bath then washed it out!
My face was feeling pretty frightful so I used a Nivea nourishing Honey Mask to help give it back some oomph!  

For my bath I picked a Luxury Pud BathBomb from my Lush  basket.

The day stress just floated away.
You really can't beat a Lush bath! 

To finish off, I lathered on the Nivea body moisturising lotion and lavender & Tea Tree face cream from then I treated my nails to some Nail Kale (which I got in a nail gift set for Christmas) my nails are shocking at the moment so hopefully it helps them.
The hair Oil is from Jenny as she left it for me when she last cut my hair.
Perks of having a bestie whose a super hair dresser! 

Using the above hair products for the last couple of months have really help bring my hair back to life after I completely destroyed it turning it from black to pastel purple!  
I can't currently colour my hair due to using Henna, so I'm trying to grow it out and I'm rocking my greys proudly!
(My silver highlights) 
Grey hairs the fashion these days so in sure I fit right in!! 

I finished the evening with a nice cup of  Pukkaherbs  Nighttime tea 

Happy New Year's Eve people! 
Hope you have a good one xxxx

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