Friday 18 December 2015

Rice Krispie Christmas Pudding Bites

Today I decided to do some more Christmas baking, plus being Noah's birthday it made sense to make something yummy!!!

I saw this recipe on the Morrisons website and thought they looked AMAZING!

What you'll need::

100g mars bars
1tbsp Single cream 
1tsp Coco powder
75g Rice Krispies
50g White choc
12 red smarties 
Muffin trays 
Sunflower oil spray!

Melt the mars bars, cream and coco powder, then add the Rice Krispies.
Pop in the fridge for two hours.
Then melt the White chocolate, spread over the Rice Krispie bites and add the smarties!
Pop back in the fridge until the white chocolate sets!



My first attempt at a video ..... It's completely missing an ending so I'm sorry for that! 

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