Tuesday 29 December 2015

December Makes & Bakes

This month I decided to be a little bit more creative.
I put Pinterest to use and found some fun ideas that I knew the boys would love and I'd enjoying making!

I'll start with the foodie bits first : 

• Mince pies - first time making and first time tasting! 
•Strawberry Santa's with cream
• Rice Krispie Christmas Puddings bites
• Santa Star biscuits 

I really enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and the boys loved eating the end creations. Something I'll keep up in the coming months! 

The last few days before Christmas I realised we hadn't got any presents for the extra members of the family that we were going to be seeing, so Pinterest to the rescue again and I made some....
Homemade Clay Bunting!!!

They were really easy to make and everyone loved them!
I'm thinking about making myself some as I really love them.
All you need is 
• Cornflour
• PVA glue 
• Cookie cutter
• String
• Red pencil or pen!

I'll do a full blog post on them once I've made them again!! 

As a Christmas activity we took the boys to Little Potters in Sittingbourne to enjoy a coffee and to paint some plates and tree decorations. 

This was before they were put in the kiln, we collected them just before Christmas.
They have turned out great and will be fantastic keepsakes.
The star plate is currently being used as a fruit bowl! 

Did you make or bake anything different this month? 

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