Monday 28 December 2015

Christmas, Bank Holiday Monday and New Year.

Christmas is over and now everyone is looking forward to the new year!

New beginnings,
New Years resolutions,
You name it they all get started in the new year! 

I'm not planning on setting solid resolutions this year, as I always seem to fail a week later, but I'm going to write a list of things I'd like to achieve by next year!

Such as :
I would like my long hair back - so I've bought some Biotin hair growth vitamins after reading some great reviews. 
I'd like to become a bit more active, maybe try and do those 10,000 magical steps a day.
Beat my depression and slowly come off my medication (all subject to terms and conditions) 
Pamper myself a more, get myself back to being a well oiled machine!
Give Crochet another go.
Have more fun and stop stressing so much!

What are your goals for the coming year?

Christmas was fun but it was also extremely stressful.
Ru doesn't seem to cope too well out of his environment and isn't a far of too much craziness. 
So he cried, screamed, banged his head a fair bit.
He also poo'd and threw up all over me!
Alex left a pen on Nana's cream sofa - not a washable one either!!!

Next year we are defiantly staying at home and having people come to us.
The boys can run a riot and I won't be too worried about them breaking/ruining things they shouldn't! 
It's also probably about time we hosted a Christmas! 

The boys presents are still all at Jon's parents and my parents as we couldn't fit them in the car along side us, the dog and all our clothes, from staying over at Jon's parents for 3 days.
We need to upgrade the car to a van to accommodate all of us and our things.

So hopefully in the next few days Jon will be going back to collect them and bring them home for them to enjoy again! 

How was your Christmas, did Santa 
bring you everything you wanted?

Bank holiday Monday calls for a walk along the beach or maybe up in the woods.  
Our lungs are calling for fresh air and our legs are longing to be stretched!

Are you up to anything fun? 

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