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Sea Life Centre Hunstanton

One of the first things we noticed when we moved to our new house was that on the main turning for our road was a little brown sign pointing the way to the local Sea Life Centre.
We knew once we'd settled in and after Christmas had been we would head over to check it out.
I took the boys to London SeaLife in the summer for a review but because it was so busy it just wasn't that enjoyable for any of us, so we were hoping this one would be a better experience for the boys.

It was great as soon as we got in, the staff were friendly and it was pretty empty, which was good as Ru was in one of his mood where is someone touched him he would scream bloody murder. The twins were on his attack radar, so they got screamed at more than id like to admit. Lucky for us there wasn't a lot of people around to judge.

The boys were all able to get up close to the tanks and come face to face with the sharks, rays and giant turtle. They absolutely loved it.
We were also there just in time to …

Foggy Day In With My First JCB Toys

We spent this morning out at the Sea Life Centre and were going to have a game of football in the afternoon, but the fog hasn't lifted and the boys didn't want to go back out in the cold.
So that meant it was a perfect time to show them the new JCB kids stuff we were sent!

We were sent Digger Driver book, Mega Machines Play Box and My Mega Digger Toolbox all from Igloobooks.

Oscar and Alex both loved the Digger Driver book, Oscar tried to perfect his driving skills, whilst Alex loved pushing all the noisy buttons!
It makes a fun and interactive bedtime story.

Rupert loved lining up all the road signs from the Tool box and Play box. When I showed him how to use the play mat he was happy as pie. He was very content in driving his mini Joey JCB around the track.

The twins and Ru were kept quiet for the majority of the afternoon. I don't think I've ever seen them play that nicely before.
The twins have each claimed an activity book and have told me they are going to solve…

Clearing The Christmas Cobwebs Away

After being in for the last few days, we decided to go exploring and clear away the cobwebs! We noticed a sign for Castle Rising on the way to Sainsbury's the other week, so I gave it a google and decided the boys would probably really like running around there.
The last castle ruins we took them too, they were less than impressed as it was only a wall that was left!
Frosty and cold we all made sure to wrap up warm, gloves, hats and cosy boots were definitely in order!

As soon as we got into the car park the boys got excited, they could see the castle and were desperate to get inside! The frosty/misty weather really added to the atmosphere!

They all loved being able to get inside and climb the spiral staircases and find hidden rooms with little nook and crannies.

Castle Rising has been around since the 12th Century so its full of history.

The sun was hidden behind the fog and Rupert kept pointing it out asking if it was the moon!

After we had been inside the castle we went and wa…

Christmas 2016

Our first Christmas in the new house was pretty awesome!!

My parents came up on Christmas Eve and we spent the day chilling out, my mum baked some cinnamon buns, I did some last minute wrapping and we took the boys to a Chris-tingle service at the local church .... a church that back in the day the one and only Pocahontas used to worship with her husband John Rolfe.
It was a fun service where everyone was encouraged to take part. The twins spent most of the service giggling away!

The boys all went to bed at normal time, even my little non sleeper was asleep by 9.30!
Rupert woke at 5, but I was able to keep him In bed by laying on the floor next to his bed, the twins and Noah woke around 7. We waiting until 8 for my parents to turn up before we went into the lounge to see what Father Christmas had left!
All the boys were truly spoilt and they love each and everyone of their presents. Unlike last year where we kind of over did it and they got overwhelmed and didn't know what to play …

NumNoms #unboxing Day

The boys were sent the brand new NumNoms series 3.1 to unbox.
I love the cuteness of NumNom's but wasn't sure how much the boys would like them....I think I was secretly hoping they'd hate them so I could keep them all but unfortunately for me they loved them!
They were so excited when they unboxed a different one! They even had a fight over the lip glosses!

We were sent two blind boxes and one light up blind box as well as the lunch box deluxe pack!
Watch our video below to see how the boys got on!

Oscar's favourite was of course Oscar Orange, Unboxing a toy with his name really was the best thing ever! Noah's favourite was Peyton Peppermint and his Erase-it Nom Slice & Wedge (twins!!) Alex loved his Light up Grape Gummy Num, which is a special edition with Orange light up Nom!
We also had another special edition which was stamp-it nom Peachy Stamp-It.

These awesomely cool NumNoms are out today!!!!

How To Survive After Christmas: The Four Step Guide

Image source The period of time just before Christmas is always one of the absolute busiest of the year. You’re running around buying gifts, planning meals and frantically trying to make sure that your home looks presentable enough to welcome guests to over the festive period. A lot of us love Christmas, but if we’re entirely honest, there’s often part of us looking forward to the calm period just after the storm of festivities is over, when we can relax again and our lives get back to normal. Here are some tips on how to put your life back together just after Christmas is over… Your Home
Image source You might find that right after Christmas your home looks a little like a disaster zone, particularly if you have kids! That means that it’s time to clean and to declutter your house – after all, a clear space around you usually means that you have a clear mind too, and it’s the perfect time of year to start afresh. If your surfaces are covered in your kids’ Christmas presents, gather them al…