Monday 26 December 2016

NumNoms #unboxing Day

The boys were sent the brand new NumNoms series 3.1 to unbox.

I love the cuteness of NumNom's but wasn't sure how much the boys would like them....I think I was secretly hoping they'd hate them so I could keep them all but unfortunately for me they loved them!

They were so excited when they unboxed a different one!
They even had a fight over the lip glosses!

We were sent two blind boxes and one light up blind box as well as
the lunch box deluxe pack!

Watch our video below to see how the boys got on!

Oscar's favourite was of course Oscar Orange,
Unboxing a toy with his name really was the best thing ever!
Noah's favourite was Peyton Peppermint and his Erase-it Nom Slice & Wedge (twins!!)
Alex loved his Light up Grape Gummy Num, which is a special edition with Orange light up Nom!

We also had another special edition which was stamp-it nom Peachy Stamp-It.

These awesomely cool NumNoms are out today!!!!

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