Thursday 22 December 2016

Getting My Festive Priorities In Order With JORD

I usually start planning for Christmas in October, but never really kick into gear until the 1st of December.
This year because of the move I've not really been able to plan properly.

I just about got my Christmas shopping done in time, but preparing the house to host our first ever Christmas has had me on edge!

Am I going to have enough time to get it host the perfect Christmas.....the one that will be talked about for years to come!
For us to have an amazing first Christmas in our new house!

I am constantly roaming the house thinking "oh that needs some festive love or thats too much"
The big day is approaching and there's still fairy lights to put up and wrapping to be done!

It hit me yesterday that rather than stressing over the silly little things that don't actually matter to anyone else but me and to actually sit back and enjoy the TIME with the boys whilst their off for the holidays!

So once I got my timings and priorities in order, we have spent the start of the festive holidays, decorating our trees, making home-made Christmas decorations and playing games!

I'm no longer feeling stressed, and I feel the house is looking amazing, now the stressing has stopped!

This beautiful JORD wooden watch, has helped me realise that time is precious and that I shouldn't waste it getting worked up over the silly things.
Glancing at it whilst I'm playing with the boys I don't feel as I'm wasting time but actually using it wisely!

Beautiful and unique it sure has been a conversation starter whilst out and about on my Christmas runs.

JORD have a wide range of stunning women watches and men watches.
Each watch made with care and style!

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