Wednesday 21 December 2016

Last Minute Gifts For Him // Scuderia Ferrari Red Eau De Toilette Iphone Case

Now you can refresh your scent every time you pick up your phone.

Is your man a bit of a metro man?
Then this is the iPhone case for him!

The phone case is Ferrari red with the classic logo.

Perfect for any car loving man, or woman come to that.
It's pretty robust and has been put through the Rupert test and neither of our phones got smashed in the process!

The case comes with two refills of 25ml Scuderia Ferrari RED.

Jon wasn't too keen on the scent, but I rather liked it.
Maybe I can spray it on him in secret!

This case is absolutely perfect for those on the go types.
Popping into an important meeting but not smelling like a winner, quick grab of your phone and spray!
Smelling like a winner in a matter of a flick of the wrist!

The case is available two different colours, Red or Black.

If you know a guy who needs this in your life, you can find it from The Perfume Shop for £30.
I'm now on the hunt for a ladies version as I need something like this in my life!!!

*I was sent the product for free, all thoughts are my own!

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